The past few months have been very good to Derrick Rose from a marketing standpoint. He was one of Team USA’s biggest stars this summer. He recently debuted his first signature shoe, the adidas adiZero Rose, and he’s been featured in adidas commercials. He’s one of the faces of the Bulls, and despite his lack of personality, he’s been branded as one of the up-and-coming stars of the NBA. Yes, yes —Derrick Rose is big-time now.

He’s so big-time, in fact, that he’s skipping out on his television cameos, which is one of the true marks of a star. The New York Post has the details.

NBA star Derrick Rose sparked fury on the set of CBS’s “The Good Wife” yesterday when he didn’t show up to film an agreed cameo appearance in New York.

The Bulls point guard refused to come out of his house in Chicago when the crew sent a car to pick him up on Tuesday morning, sources tell us.

Rose — who helped the Bulls to victory over the Portland Trail Blazers at Chicago’s United Center on Monday night — also refused to give the show’s producers an explanation for his no-show, even though they had him booked on a flight to New York, the source added. [...]

“Derrick had agreed to play himself in an episode. The deal had been done and the contract had been signed,” we’re told.

“But when the car arrived at his house in Chicago Tuesday morning, he didn’t answer the door,” our source related. “The driver waited but he didn’t appear. Finally, an unidentified man came out and said: ‘Derrick is not going to New York.’”

OK, yes, it’s bad that Derrick Rose is allegedly skipping out on contractual obligations. That certainly does not reflect well upon him and makes him seem like a brat. But, I cannot help thinking that this is hilarious.

I mean, for starters, Derrick Rose was going to be on “The Good Wife.” Just like when Pau Gasol and Jordan Farmar showed up on “Numbers,” any time a random NBA player appears on a CBS drama there are many laughs to be had. No offense to CBS, America’s No. 1 network, but that’s just funny. Then, not only did he decide he did not want to do scenes with Julianna Margulies, but he had one of his buddies go to the door to break the news with a a cryptic “Derrick is not going to New York.” Showbiz, you guys.

This is just a strange, strange story from all angles. Probably the only thing weirder and funnier than this would be if Derrick Rose were to actually be on “The Good Wife.”