Ep. 600: Easy Comp

On today’s nonchalantly-celebrated 600th episode, Skeets and Tas break down the undefeated Hawks, dispel Josh Smith trade rumors, praise the Heat’s offense, mock Miami’s tardy fans, marvel at two early season assist machines, and introduce you to new TBJ correspondent Andrew Unterberger, who is attempting to visit every NBA arena in 60 days. Fan up, dudes!

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Comments (24)

  1. Props on the back, huh Tas?

    Pat on the back + Props = a new Skeetsism courtesy of Tas Melas!

  2. The sweater is great. Kind of looks like the TBJ logo on the top of this page. Don’t let them bring you down, Melas!

  3. Heat want $180 for FOURTH level nosebleeds!!

    And they fired their sales staff.

    Heat = Dorks

  4. I guess the undefeated Lakers weren’t worth talking about as much as the undefeated Hawks. lol. jk guys good show

  5. Sorry, champ — we didn’t watch the Lakers last night. No point.

  6. oh for sure definitely agree there wasn’t a point to watch. Except maybe to watch the first half where they posted 1.64 ppp I believe. Game was never in doubt though. keep up the good work

  7. Hahah love the sweater Tas, also I think the hawks are overrated. They have such a easy schedule and are surprisingly winning easy games. Also What abt the United Center??

  8. Been to MSG and to the Pacers’ arena (Conseco I think) to see games … the main thing I noticed about MSG was that it had the world’s crappiest jumbotron. Bad pic, bad sound. Decent crowd tho, particularly since it was the last game of a shitty Knicks season. Conseco was nicer, but only about 50% full for a mid-season game against the Spurs, last year.

    Someday maybe I’ll live in a city at the same time that their team is actually good. :)

  9. ok so the Hawks fired Woodson… but so far, I haven’t seen them as being any different than last year. or even 2 years ago. they are athletic. they move the ball at the exact same pace. they have a few different guys who can all hit shots. and Horford grabs 12 boards. do I have any reason to think these guys will make it out of the 2nd round of the playoffs this year?

  10. Should have watched the lakers game too see if Conley was worth the extension!

  11. lets at least do something special for number 700. sound good guys?

  12. Congrats on episode 600. Remember that episode when you guys were trying to figure out exactly where Portland is? Hope you get that figured out before you visit the Rose Garden, it’s an awesome experience to watch a game there.

  13. Hum, people outside of Canada and the US can’t play BBall picks?
    I didn’t hear you guys say that but there’s no way to register if you’re not North-American é_è

  14. The now infamous and still NBA smallest Arco Arena during the Kings heyday (years of full capacity) was something to see. Loudest atmosphere, most cowbells, and people actually (!!) rooting for M-Bibby or Doug Christie… Perhaps a bit like O-City now.
    Also visited the Oakland and DC arenas (that changed names several times), but found them rather insipid compared to crazy Arco.

  15. As a Hawks fan, I appreciate getting some coverage. I agree that it doesn’t mean a thing until post-season. Everything you say is true and we don’t match up against Orlando. However, there isn’t really a C out there for us to match up better against them to acquire without tearing down what we have. We’ve got to dance with what we have and try moving the ball in post-season.

    P.S. *(%!# Chad Ford.

  16. Conseco? for what? the high school state championship? it’d be better than a pacers game.

  17. Not just 17 assists for Rondo…also zero turnovers. I think you’d be hardpressed to find a game in which an NBA team has executed more perfectly than the Celtics last night. Incredible to watch.

    Also, while we’re doing housecleaning, Paul Pierce is 23 points away from 20,000.

    I’m slightly biased, but Tas is making the right call with Boston. The only other arena I’ve ever been to was the staples center. I didn’t like it. The fans were great, but I didn’t like the darkness over the seats. It felt more like a play than a basketball game. Weird atmosphere.

    John Wall is going to be incredible. His numbers right now are pretty staggering, and yet all I can think about is how missed opportunities there are on plays. He’s like a torpedo flying towards the hoop, and a lot of times it doesn’t work out. But, once he finetunes it and gets a little more in control he’ll be unstoppable.

  18. Also, Miami fans suck. There is no excuse for people coming late or for not selling out the home opener? What more can this team do? They’ve won a championship within the past five years, they’ve had one of the league’s most exciting players since 2003, and now they have 2 of league’s top five players. Get on board already.

  19. Key Arena was the best place I’ve ever seen basketball R.I.P.

  20. I would love to go watch a game in OKC.

  21. TBJ Roadtrip! PORTLAND!

    The Rose Garden is the shit. Sells out every game, of course, but the fans are so into every game, too. Crowd feeds off every guy when he does well, and I’ve been there when the crowd has energized the whole team. Smart fans, nice place. Yes, I’m biased, but you’re right, Skeets.

  22. Breyzh – you can register, you just have to lie about where you’re from. I guess if you win a TBJ prize you’ll get contacted by the crew for your real details.

  23. so…are us non-canadians not getting even edited highlights of the tv show?

  24. @andrew: We will be posting highlights of tonight’s episode tomorrow afternoon. From here on you can expect “highlights” from Thursday’s TV show the following Friday afternoon. (a few hours after The Overdose).

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