No matter how exciting Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon’s dunks have been, the Clippers are still a bad team. They’ve lost all four of their games. They’re last in the NBA in points scored per game and have turned the ball over the fifth-most times in the league. Baron Davis is admitting he’s out of shape and Ryan Gomes still has that haircut. Despite the hype, the Clippers are still the Clippers.

And, as you might expect, it’s wearing on their fans. Take, for instance, Clipper Darrell.

You know things are bad when Clipper Darrell isn’t going to wear his trademark suit. That blue-and-red monstrosity is a fixture at Clippers games, so it has to be serious for Darrell to hang it up. All he’s asking is so precious little — “48 minutes of hard fought Clipper basketball.”

That’s not even the worst of it.

No, my friends, the worst is way worse. We’re talking life-and-death here. We’re talking Frankie Muniz-type zones. We’re talking, actually, about Frankie Muniz dying early because of the Clippers.

Get it together, Clippers. You’re literally (figuratively) killing your biggest fans here. If bad basketball is going to cost us all Frankie Muniz’s twilight years, then something needs to be done. I don’t know what that is, exactly, but it just might be 48 minutes of hard fought Clipper basketball. Think about it.

And, please, someone make sure Billy Crystal is OK. We can’t lose him. Not before “Monsters, Inc. 2.”

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  1. i cannot believe this. ive been to a couple clipper games and for every single one of those games, clipper darrell was, without a doubt, the most passionate person in staples. but then again, i guess thats why he’s going on strike.

    this is terrible.

  2. btw, johan petro sighting.

    2 rows behind clipper darrell.

  3. I am laughing way too much at Fake Johan Petro.

  4. The coke helps too, Muniz.

  5. I’ve learned that to be a Clipper fan you need to concede the fact that the team is gonna lose either in a heartbreaker or a blowout. Once you’re past that, the games can be pretty fun to watch. It’s like watching King Lear — the tragedy is never gonna be enjoyable if you’re rooting for Lear. But if you can enjoy the individual performances of the players (which are better now than they have been in five years), you can really get into the games.

    Besides, at least Dunleavy isn’t around anymore.

  6. Clipper Darryl or is the Cedric the Entertainer???

  7. Clipper DARRELL or is THAT Cedric The Entertainer??? (Still learning to spell) HAHA

  8. literally (figuratively) <— lol

  9. Peter Dante – Far left

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