As the NBA grows bigger and bigger and salaries continue to rise, teams have to figure out new ways to generate revenue. That can be through increased ticket prices, new television deals or — most likely — new advertising. And when it comes to new advertising, no one’s been more innovative than the New Jersey Nets.

First, they signed up for a partnership with Stoli vodka, becoming the first NBA team endorsed by high-class dorm parties around the United States. Now, they’re getting really, really smooth. From the New York Times:

The Nets have persuaded Nivea to pay between $200,000 and $300,000 to be the team’s official locker room sponsor at their temporary home in the Prudential Center in Newark.

In addition to getting the names on the front door, Nivea will distribute its balms, body lotions and facial scrubs to the Nets players, whose towels will be emblazoned with the blue Nivea logo.

Hey, if you’re a basketball team that can convince a body care company to fork over $200,000, then you should definitely do it. That’s a quarter of Joe Smith’s salary, just for getting new towels. Not to mention, the Nets now get to count themselves among Gisele Bundchen and Jane Seymour as product endorsers for the nearly-100-year-old brand. Seems like a good deal.

Plus, Brook Lopez is always complaining about breakouts after he eats too much chocolate. Now that he has an unlimited supply of oil control face wash, he should be very happy.