[UPDATE: Viacom pulled the video clip, but we'll always have our Yfrog!]

There are a lot of LeBron James “Rise” spoofs out there — including this weirdo — but I think we should have all realized that “South Park” would be the best of the bunch. We really should have known that would be the case. If anyone deserves to get mocked by these bros, it’s LeBron James. Get it together, us.

I’m not even a huge fan of Matt Parker and Trey Stone, but I’ll admit that this is pretty incredible — both the zings and the fact that this had to have been put together in about a week. Plus, they’re essentially comparing LeBron to a guy who presides over a company that’s become world famous for an environmental disaster. Vicious.

LeBron already regrets “The Decision.” I’d imagine this won’t help.

(via Royce Young)