Washington Wizards 116, Philadelphia 76ers 115 OT
Decent stat line for John Wall: 29 points, 13 assists, 9 steals, 8 turnovers and one overenthusiastic “Dougie.” Not bad, I guess, as long as you like rookies playing excellent games and getting to the rim at crucial times, while still having rookie moments. Also, Cartier Martin happened, which is not a new brand of luxury vodka.

Atlanta Hawks 100, Cleveland Cavaliers 88
Remember the good ol’ days when the Cavaliers were undefeated, the Miami Heat were winless and Ohio was rejoicing in their good fortune? Yeah, since then the Cavs have lost three straight, the Heat have won four in a row and sadness reigns supreme. On the plus side, J.J. Hickson scored 31 points, which is nice.

Boston Celtics 109, Detroit Pistons 86
17 assists and zero turnovers for Rajon Rondo. That’s impressive even against the Pistons. That’s impressive against an eighth grade girls team. That’s impressive against the monsters in “Space Jam” before they steal the powers of NBA players. That’s impressive against a team full of Toulouse-Lautrecs. That’s impressive against a … well, you get it.

Miami Heat 129, Minnesota Timberwolves 97
Not a great game for the T-Wolves, what with the whole “losing by 32 points thing.” One positive, though, is that Kevin Love played almost as many minutes as Nikola Pekovic and Wayne Ellington.

Portland Trail Blazers 90, Milwaukee Bucks 76
You might be wondering how a team could only score 76 points in a game against a team played the second game of a back-to-back. Well there are two reasons: 1) 37 percent shooting from the floor including 3 of 15 from three; 2) they are the Milwaukee Bucks. Not scoring is kind of their thing.

Los Angeles Lakers 124, Memphis Grizzlies 105
Mike Conley proved that he is worth that 64-year, $123 billion contract he just signed by leading the Grizzlies in plus-minus with a stellar minus-1. 16 points, 8 assists, 3 steals and just one turnover for the best player on the court. Not just for the Grizzlies, not just for the Lakers, but in the history of the floor at the Staples Center. Very much worth all that money.

Skeets and Tas will be by later to break things down in today’s episode of The Fix. But for now, let’s talk about how John Wall is way too good at Dougie-ing.

(vid via Zach Harper)