Ep. 601: Pocket Presence

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas talk way too much about the 1995 Raptors. (Damn you, NBA TV Canada!) But fear not! Other topics include November’s MVP Chris Paul, the Rockets’ curiously absent defense, Andrew Bogut’s blown “instant national hero” opportunity, the Celtics’ big minutes, Pierce’s milestone and new unis.

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Comments (20)

  1. haha carlos rogers, he lives like 2 min away from me. His son and i went to the same high school. I dnt like the Jazz jerseys either not feelin the green but love the logo. With the way my pistons are playing there due for a jersey change, back to the teal days

    Good show guys. dam hornets without them i would have at least 20 in the bball picks

  2. Jordan Hill was not an Isiah pick. My bad-o. It was a Walsh.

  3. No teal ever again no matter how bad the Pistons get. How about that alternate maroon color they had to go with the teal back in the Don Reid days? Classic looks are almost always the way to go, except for that old Nuggets rainbow look, that was tough on the rods and cones.

  4. You only got 4 jobs, you such a lazy man, Tas.

  5. seriously, nothing on the Lakers and Kobe triple double, or the Thunder – Clippers game?

  6. Can the basketball jones be the mothership of the “Big Baby for 6th man” movement?

  7. I think durant is in a slump due to the fact hat NBA elite was canceled, (he was on the cover)

  8. good show

    fyi on tech issue: video playback freezes around 18mins, audio continues

  9. Same as George here- using an iPad and watching off the web.
    On SSR last night I wrote quote ” I hope Kobe gets woah boy on the jones tomorrow” :). And definitely agree with the jazz powder blues against the lakers ( Sunday whites ftw)

  10. George, Genie, others — We re-uploaded the video. It shouldn’t freeze anymore. Cheers.

  11. “It’s like he’s playing with his freakin’ braids in his hands. He can’t grab the ball! He can’t do anything with that ball!” – Tas Melas

    And then Matt cracks up and the camera shakes.

    This is why we love The Joneses.

  12. I like that the Warriors moved back to the more classic coloring, but I don’t like the actual design of the jerseys they’re wearing. The new logo with the new Bay Bridge is pretty cool, but I would have been just as happy, if not more so, if they went back to the style and unis they had during the Run-TMC days.

  13. Worst jerseys ever have to either be the Pistons turquoise with the metal horse (was the horse actually made of metal? I always assumed so) or those rockets ones with the pinstripes. Awful.

    I’m not even a fan of the rockets unis now. Would it be so bad to add a little yellow in there?

    I’m almost always a proponent of teams going back to the old school looks.

    The only exception I can think of is the grizzlies. What they have going on now seems much better looking than that original shit from vancouver.

    Skeets and Tas, I’d be interested to hear a take on whether or not Toronto fans would be upset if the Raps just changed their names to the huskies and went to those huskies unis they wear sometimes. I think they should make the switch. Both name and unis are WAY better.

  14. the horse power logo is actually pretty sweet but the colors sucked (no its not a metal horse at least i dnt think).

    i actually like the raptors for a name since its kind’ve original. However i no a lot of toronto fans want it to be the huskies again

  15. Skeets, what did you mean Tas doesn’t really get paid?! Don’t both of you make the same? Tas should go on strike if you don’t…

  16. wait we talk about warriors new uniforms but not their game last night?

    They win with Monta Ellis’ 39-8-9 game


  17. I need to scroll down for about 5 minutes to find the latest episode of the Jones……. damn you Trey Kerby!

  18. For the record, I’m pretty sure the horse was metallic, just because it was connected to what looked like the PISTONS on a hot rod. And this alludes to Motown and their history with the autogyro (commonly referred to as the car). Thus, the horse stands for horsepower, and the color scheme stood for the colors picked out of the Big Crayola 96 box by the PR secretary’s daughter.

  19. And as an Australian…Why do I have to start every post like this?
    Bogut clocking Garnett would have probably given Australian basketball a boost it otherwise needs, although considering he’s the best we’ve got and he’s running a Bucks game of the week promo on Tv here as Australia. Sooooo Boring. Plus the news here run the scores of the delayed game right before it without any announcing warning damn you “sports tonight”!
    But still better than nothing I guess. Barely.
    Basketball is for some reason not as popular as it uses to be here. :(
    I blame the decline of Marv Albert.

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