Welcome to Spoof Festival 2010, I guess. Between the Grizzlies’ take on “Paranormal Activity” and the “South Park” LeBron James zingers, the NBA is becoming one big Leslie Nielsen movie. (Fun fact: I’ve made two “Naked Gun” jokes today, with the first coming at morning basketball because I play with a guy named Norberg. I’m terrible.)

This isn’t the best NBA promo in the history of the Internet, but it’s still pretty good. Any time a humanoid bear is silly stringing a sleeping lady in the face, that’s a win in my book. Especially if she’s wearing a vintage Minnesota Timberwolves jersey.

Plus, Zach Randolph’s “quote” totally killed me. If there were anybody who would love a movie about a dude creeping around in a room, messing stuff up, it’d be Zach Randolph. Such a prankster.

(via Matt Moore)