I know it’s just an ad for the new Jordan Melo M7, but it kind of feels like living in one of Carmelo Anthony’s dreams. Carmelo dishing to Carmelo for a bucket, followed by another Carmelo dishing to another Carmelo for another bucket. All while Carmelo Anthony coaches, commentates and photographs the game. Or, I suppose, it could be La La’s dream. Hard to tell without Leonardo DiCaprio around to navigate.

Nonetheless, there’s definitely an argument to be made that “Do Whatever It Takes” is the best commercial of the season, surpassing LeBron’s “Rise” and the adidas “Slim Chin” ads. It’s like that “Jordan vs. Jordan” spot from a couple years back, but taken to an extreme level. Not only do Denver fans get to enjoy a whole heck of a lot of Melo in Nuggets blue, we all get to feast our eyes on Carmelo sporting a mock turtleneck that would make George Karl proud.

So, so good.

(via Brian Lauvray)