Some people are really up in arms about this John Wall Dougie-ing thing. Well, mostly just Colin Cowherd, who is one of the earliest progenitors of being the worst. But really, the only thing Wall did wrong was being way, way, way too into his Dougie. I haven’t seen that much dedication to a dance since my aunt and uncle slow danced to “Big Poppa” at my wedding.

The good thing, though, is that Cowherd complaining means Skip Bayless got a chance to babble about this, which somehow led to him doing this weird hybrid of the Dougie, John Wall’s dance and standard white guy moves. No matter how much you think Rick got all the talent in the Bayless family, this is hilarious. I’ve watched it five times so far, and I’m feeling another five later this afternoon.

More sportscasters Dougie-ing, please.

(via Justin Verrier)

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  1. Kind of want to see Skip Bayless on Top Chef Masters now.

  2. ESPN has long been the Fox News of sports. I understand that it’s even more difficult to fill a 24 hour sports news cycle than a regular news cycle, but a little more integrity and little less sensationalistic punditry would be nice. They need to stop looking at the bottom line for a moment and hold themselves accountable for their programming.

    By the way, the NFL and NBA networks are superior alternatives and don’t put undeserved advertising dollars in ESPN’s pockets.

  3. colin cowherd is such a tool, he’s always coming up with the stupidest analogies ever, by far the dumbest mofo out on espn, (well maybe stuart scott)

  4. When I saw “Big Poppa” in blue letters(DAYUUUM I’M ABOUT TO SEE OLD PEOPLE GET STUPID)

    When I clicked it(OHHHH of course :/)


  5. Ask Dave Chappelle ;)

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