It’s been a few months since the Knicks tried to hire Isiah Thomas as some sort of weird free agent liaison, so it would be understandable if you thought the love affair betwixt the Hall of Fame point guard and the team he ran in to the ground had fizzled. But I’ve got sour news for you, Jack — it hasn’t. Still going strong after all these years.

So strong, in fact, that Thomas sat down for a two hour interview with ESPN’s Ian O’Connor to talk about his legacy in New York, how close the Knicks were to winning a title during his tenure as GM and, of course, how he’s going to bring LeBron James to New York.

No, not just “would have,” but “still will.”

Isiah believes James (and perhaps Dwyane Wade) would be starting for the New York Knicks if Isiah had remained president of the team.

Isiah believes he can recruit James out of Miami and into Madison Square Garden in 2014. [...]

Thomas met with a James associate on the eve of LeBron’s televised announcement in July, arriving with too little power, too late in the game. Not that Thomas is giving up on the hope of being a high-ranking Knicks executive in the summer of 2014, when James can opt out of his deal with the Heat.”I’d like to still hold onto that dream,” Thomas said. “I do think that he’ll win championships here in Miami, and they will be a great dynasty. … But I think when he comes to New York and he wins it in New York, I think he’s the greatest player ever.”

Yep, that’s Isiah Thomas predicting not just that LeBron James will opt out of his contract in four years, but that Isiah will be the one to bring him to the Knicks to help LeBron cement his legacy as the best player ever while simultaneously exonerating Isiah for years of atrocious management. As far as master plans go, that’s one of the master plan-iest.

Sure, you might think that Isiah saying he can bring LeBron and a title to the Knicks despite the fact that he’s currently employed as a college basketball coach is ludicrous. But, according to Isiah, that’s just because you don’t get it.

“That’s a problem with being a visionary,” Thomas said. “You’re way too far out, and by the time it catches up, people will hack you to death.”

Ahh, yes, the old “I’m a genius and y’all are just too far behind” defense. A real classic that’s been used by such legends as Kanye West, that guy from the Brian Jonestown Massacre and M. Night Shyamalan. You have to really believe in yourself to say something like that, lest you look like a total idiot. But Isiah seems to believe it and he’s never lacked for confidence.

The entire article by O’Connor gets a big-time recommendation, just so you can hear Isiah explaining the “method behind the madness,” which is a term he actually uses to describe himself. It’s really an illuminating read that just proves how pathologically assured of themselves NBA superstars are.

Plus, you know, it’s really good for some laughs. I mean, the guy does defend his trade for Eddy Curry more than once.