“‘I’d love to see Charlie and KG in the ring. I’d pick Charlie,’ [Reggie] Evans, the Raptors forward, was saying on Thursday, after a noon-hour practice on the campus of UCLA. ‘I’ve seen KG get his ass whupped. … He’s always barking, and when it’s time to get physical, he’s always been a little chihuahua.’”
— Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star

(via Marcel Mutoni)

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  1. That’s pure gold

  2. Evans would pick someone who tattle-taled to Twitter over KG? Evans aint exactly Charles Oakley, either.

  3. @soulonice. Your comment speaks volumes. Yes, I think a lot of people would bet on the tattle-tell over KG in a fight. That’s how little credibility KG has a tough guy.

  4. I’m getting really annoyed by all this BS…

    This is not the streets, it’s a game. You actually don’t have to back-up anything you say in a game (i.e. Poker, online-games)…

    Psychology is as part of the game as being physical… If he was picking on mentally and physically tough guys, they wouldn’t back down, and he would be barking at them for no reason!

    The only guys you’re SUPPOSED to pick on on a hardwood are actually those who will back down…

    Great blog-post about that (on a Celtics Blog, obviously):

    I never took KG for a tough guy… He’s a dick, and having a dick on your side is pretty great…

    IDK, people always praise players who can get into others’ heads, and this is proof KG can

    btw, I’m not a Cs fan, so I shouldn’t be biased, although I like’em.

  5. Wise words from Breyzh.

    I am a Celtics fan with clear biases. But, in my mind, KG has been exactly the kind of player you’d want on your team ever since his days in Minnesota. Whether or not he can beat anyone up is totally irrelevant. He is a much better basketball player than Villanueva, Reggie Evans, and the vast majority of guys who have worn an NBA uniform.

    His dickishness on the court is helpful. I can remember specific instances (last year when Cs were down 13 to the Wizards in the fourth and ended up winning…..and then the week before that against the Bobcats) in which his talking causes guys throws guys on the other team out of their game and the Celtics are able to get back in.

    In both cases you heard guys on the other team saying shit like “he needs to respect me as a man” which I feel like is equivalent to talking about “I could beat his ass”…..that stuff basically just means you’ve lost your composure and he’s gotten the best of you.

    He’s in control of this stuff. It’s a mental game. All the great ones do it.

  6. “He’s a dick, and having a dick on your side is pretty great…” – Breyzh

    Pretty much the greatest quote ever?

  7. Dicks have balls attached.

    KG doesn’t even have the balls admit to what he said. He just back peddled, something he’s really good at when it goes down.

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