“It’s the freakin’ weekend.” — R. Kelly

I think we can all agree that truer, greater words have never been uttered. Here’s your weekend viewing guide.

Boston Celtics at Oklahoma City Thunder — Sunday
Big, big test for the Thunder who have struggled a little bit in the past few games. The Celtics feast on struggling teams, so this should be interesting. The Celtics also feast on ribs, so they might be gassy.

Houston Rockets at San Antonio Spurs — Saturday
The Rockets are 0-4. Yao Ming only gets to play 24 minutes a game, every other day. Brad Miller is hurt. They play the Spurs this weekend. If you’re 6-foot-10 or taller, please report to Houston immediately. Lookin’ at you, Erick Dampier.

Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics — Friday
Now that Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich are gone from the Bulls, who is Rajon Rondo going to hit with a cheap shot? If the pattern holds, Kyle Korver seems like a logical target.

Memphis Grizzlies at Sacramento Kings — Saturday
Winner of this game gets all of the headbands Bonzi Wells left in the ARCO Arena. Loser has to smell them.

Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors — Friday
Holy smokes, there is going to be a lot of scoring during this game. The Jazz are rolling right now, scoring 120 or more in their last two games. The Warriors have the leading scorer in the NBA in Monta Ellis who’s averaging 30 points per game. Don’t blink, unless you’re eyes get dry. That’s just sensible.

If anything awesome goes down, we’ll be around. Be safe.

Comments (7)

  1. N.O. vs Heat game just finished and those who where thinking that rondo might be the best pg might want to reconsider that thought, oh and the unholy trinity lost :)

  2. Sooo… Golden State’s a better game tonight than the Lakers? Is it Kirilenko’s new hair or the possibility that Vlad Rad will remember how to shoot?

  3. Mem @ Phx was pretty awesome. Nice call on the high scoring Warriors game, lolwut. and cp3 best in the league, skeets was right

  4. As a Warriors fan, I’m glad how wrong you were about the Jazz game. Warriors held a team under 80. That’s so cool.

  5. everyone’s talking about how the Hornets beat the Heat, or about the Grizz-Suns game, but damn, did you see the Boston-Chicago game?
    Felt like the 2009 Playoffs all over again. cept without Ben Gordon.

  6. I can’t believe that Jazz/Warriors game. Should have left in Nawlins/Heat. Consider me the editor of The Whoops Jones.

  7. Mmm… maybe you should have switched it to the Jazz/Clips game on Saturday. Oddly entertaining and the Jazz should consider themselves lucky.

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