Due to confusing copyright reasons, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is this slap-chopped, jump-cuttin’ remix that features a lil’ Crossfire, some NBA player Halloween costumes, Tas’ “Wanker of the Week” and more. Enjoy.

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Comments (16)

  1. haha sweet, any chance of seeing clips of the first show tho, series premiers are always special

  2. This is great. Good work family Jones

  3. Great show! I wish I had the Score so I could watch you guys live. Excellent work. Matt’s head looks hilariously large on that big screen behind you during crossfire.

    Who gives a crap about the cancer patient trash talk? Stop being such a bunch of babies. It’s trash talk. The media really jumped on this one and it’s lame.

  4. I second illmatic-1′s post – would love to see a similar clip-package from the first show.

  5. How can I get a date with the jobless stalker lady?

  6. C’mon Tas, do you really think Rondo is better than Paul? SMDH.

  7. I always find it little wierd when a player with huge flaws in his game is called a best on his position, or the best in the league (as was in case of LeBron couple of years ago, now you can make that argument cause he improved). Rondo is a great player, he can totally dominate a game and he’s without a doubt one of the best pg in the game. But THE best? C’mon…It’s not just a lack of jumper, he’s a really bad free throw shooter so he’s a liability in more than one aspects of the game. When things slow down, in a playoff series against a very good team he WILL get exposed (doesn’t necessairly mean he won’t contribute or put up good stats). All that of course does not negate the rest of his skills and his overall value but you just can’t call him the best.

  8. Baron Davis did come off the bench in his first year in back of David Wesley. Cursed his career.

    So maybe …

  9. Haha, Tas, did you start to pronounce “formidable” the French way there?

  10. badriya is so wack,,, tried to be a model..now trying to be funny…. JOKE,,,tuck in the weave

  11. Easy on Paul Pierce guys. His daughter was a princess, and they were doing the princess and the frog or the princess and the toad or whatever the fuck that movie is. He’s a dedicated family man:


    This television show is amazing. I have always felt like the jones is what TV should be. We need these clips to keep being posted. Hopefully next season you guys will be included on league pass.

  12. wohoo sweeeeet…..though you need to old music for crossfire/one-on-one! (though i’m guessing theres a copyright issue there)

  13. Props to Pierce for dressing up as a frog, especially for his daughter.

    “Crossfire” seemed a little suspicious to me, do you guys overreact on your views to make for good TV or is that honestly how you feel? Just found it funny how you couldn’t come to a consensus about any of the topics.

  14. I am jealous of you Canadians. We here in Japan can’t watch this. I really like the Cross Fire segment. You guys should implement this on site.

  15. Once, when I was trying to figure out how to manage my baldness, I shaved my head. I usually tell people I haven’t done it again because I looked like a cancer patient (bald head + pasty complexion + my wardrobe is a bad combo). Is that really over the line? Obviously I wouldn’t say that to someone whose mom has cancer. The question is whether the basket-ball court should be a PC zone; should players ensure that everyone feels “comfortable in the workplace” out there?

  16. Nick L.,
    Paul Peirce’s daughter so cute. Pretty surprsing given the resemblance to her dad.

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