OK, so maybe LeBron James asking all those questions in his Nike ad wasn’t the best idea. After all, if you ask questions, you’re bound to get answers. And he certainly got answers. Lots and lots of angry answers.

This is an ethering on just about every level you can imagine. I can’t believe it took almost two weeks for this to happen, but it was worth the wait, that’s for sure. Ya burnt, LeBron. Ya burnt, so bad.

I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing this every commercial break like the LeBron ad. That’s probably for the best though, since it’s pretty brutal. Nice work, Cleveland.

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  1. This makes me feel sorry for Cleveland….what a bunch of losers…. LOL

    Get over it jeez!

  2. wow. so much anger. can’t blame them though.

  3. Oh dear, thats embarassing to watch, please get over it

  4. Cleveland is looking more and more ridiculous by the second. Hey I got an idea, let’s get a bunch of hipster students to throw together an Unwitness commercial where they go after Lebron again for the thousandth time. That sounds like an awesome idea, too bad like hipsters they couldn’t throw the video together fast enough a day or too after to coinside with the commercial & now it just looks like a sad attempt at redemption. Cleveland is the so-so chick who got dropped for a dime. Not saying that Miami isn’t any great shakes in terms of a basketball town but incomparison to Cleveland… Cleveland get over it already, he ain’t coming back no matter how hard you try. He dumped you, it wasn’t the other way around. You don’t get to revise history and say you dumped him, it doesn’t work like that.

  5. I’m glad he left cleveland. So much vitriol over 1 dude. Heh

  6. To reference the ESPN commercials, this isn’t crazy it’s sports. As such I don’t expect Cleveland to just get over it. Even harder to get over it when that long woe is me tripe is aired at least 5 times a game (estimate from watching the NBA on TNT last night). I liked the response for them. There needs to be a shorter version for the other fans disgusted by the “Decision” and the 24/7 media coverage of the Heat that just answers each question with “STFU and play ball”.

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  8. You’d think LeBron fathered children with all these people and didn’t pay child support. I’m not even an LBJ fan, but sheeesh.

  9. You like it? You think Clevelands cool? I mean I’ve never heard anyone say they’re going to Cleveland on vacation. What’s so good about Cleveland?
    - Joakim Noah

  10. lmfao i hope cleveland never gets over it, this is just constant source of entertainment

  11. Cleveland……making Toledo look better by the second! Grow Up!!

  12. This is actually pretty good, at least for pointing out the fact he said he wouldn’t quit on Cleveland before winning a championship…

    I feel traitor is too strong of a word, but other than that, it’s pretty spot-on…

    I mean: legacy? what legacy? He doesn’t have any right now… He’ll prolly get one, but now, he has none…

    And I kinda liked the original commercial too…
    As Kerby puts it: “After all, if you ask questions, you’re bound to get answers”

    Still, the ideea of answering all Qs by “STFU and play ball!” is better, for other fans…

  13. Pretty on target and funny! I think I like the end of the South Park bit the best though, when Cartman says “Nah, I’m going to just keep on being a d–k”. That pretty much sums up Lebron’s legacy.

  14. wow, Cleveland. This is just sad.

  15. Very funny. The fans have a right to be upset by what Lebron said and by him quitting on the team against Boston.. I dont know why there isnt more talk about when these guys decided to do this. If it wasnt in Beijing than it was surely at this past All Star break.

  16. What is interesting to me is how so many people remark on Cleveland but have no problem being forcefed Nike commerical tripe. Are we that easily placated by TV? But, I know, I get it….at least a new pair of kicks are going to come out right before Christmas. I say good for Cleveland.

  17. Hey SFII – Hey if Lebron wants to take shots on National TV what would your city do. Nothing? Thats right. Your a loser as is your town.

    MR_FJG_SON – Did you really just try to compare Miami to Cleveland as a sports town? Really? Cleveland sold out the Q every night for 7 years. Snow, Rain, afternoon games, whatever. Did you see the Miami Arena for the last home game? PATHETIC. 65-70% full tops! Miami might have the sun and the beaches which is great. But as a sports town Miami doest even come close to Cleveland. Its fans are bandwagon at best for any sport.

    Whoever would let someone take a shot at their home and do nothing about it is a coward. If Lebron wants to constantly take shots at Cleveland on national TV and in commercial campaigns you better believe this city’s sports fans are going to fire back. We dont back down against any adversity. Those of you that say just get over it dont understand the situation and would probably not fight for anything. Your just lazy and find it easy to post a once sentence comment saying “Get Over It.” Id love to see any of you punks in the Muni Lot before a Browns game or in the Dawg Pound and say that stuff. You wouldnt make it home to whatever city your from.

  18. Multimillion dollar contract or not, WHO would ever want to live in Cleveland? Seriously.

  19. I do. Its nice. Those of you who dont like it probably have never been here. Is it tropical? Does it have its problems? Sure. But its a great mid market town with good people.

    Lebron has his right to do whatever he wants but he chose to state his sole mission was winning a championship and especially one for Cleveland since it would mean more there for 7 years. Once he decided that was a little too hard for him he went strung the owner along and then based the city on National TV. That is what is so frustrating and why its a “betrayal.”

    We would have still be upset no matter how he left but he could have done it in such a better way that at this point it would be over and most would have moved on. We would boo him when he came back in December and that would be it. Instead its this….

  20. To most of you haters out there:

    You can criticize how Cleveland feels as much as you want… but you really have no idea how much of a slap in face this was unless your face received it.

    He painted a picture of himself to be a hero, and future sports legend, and made claims that he would bring his team to rise to the top. But he didn’t

    We see him for how he is now – young and immature. That’s fine.

    Don’t paint the picture of the legend and hero if you’re not willing to follow through. Don’t expect to get to heaven without dying first. Nothing’s given to you.

    It’s just a damn shame that he has Dwade with him. He’s the one that will pick up all the slack and crap that LB will leave behind and push him through. Without DWade, LBJ will be nothing.

  21. hey lebrick. please enjoy the 3peat and 4peat . you will never be like kobe. dream on buddy

  22. To all those ragging on Cleveland… Remember it is Lebron who decided to keep taking “shots” at them on National TV with that Nike Ad. And this is just a great way for Cleveland to answer a question that LBJ himself asked in that ad… “What should I do?..” If he does not want the answers, he should not have asked the question on national TV

  23. If a player from Philadelphia, who grew up and played for the Sixers did what LeBron did. I’d get over it. The fans of Cleveland are embarressing themselves. Most of the people at Cavs games were bandwagon fans, cheering for the team ONLY because of LeBron. If they really cared about the team, then attendance and support wouldn’t plummet this year, but it will.

  24. OMG I hope someone reads this. I am from cleveland and consider myself one of the cavs biggest fans. Haha. But people are saying get over it cleveland! It is the second week of the NBA season! It stings now more then ever. When we see Lebron on TV again kicking us in the balls, we MUST respond. The boos at the Q on December second will be louder than any boos an arena has ever seen. We loved Lebron, and he showed his reel slef in game 5 of the Boston series and then on his TV promo “the Decision”. Its bad enough he quit on the fans, but to leave in that manner and then dance around on a stage with wade and bosh, thata the worst crime of all. You can email me resonses ant bill.delancey@yahoo.com. I will respond.

  25. cleveland fans seriously need to get over lebron james leaving. I’m from south florida and i moved out to california 2 years ago and iv been such a die hard fan that i hav bought leaugue pass the last two years and people question me as a fan of the heat. truth is i would be a fan even if we didn’t get lebron or bosh like it’s been. There was a time when it was said wade was going to chicago instead of getting upset i just tried to appreciate what he did for the franchise. than god he didn’t leave but he flirted with the possibility. shaq left orlando for la and won three rings. lebron left not because he didn’t appreciate yor support,but because he wanted a chance to win multiple rings not just one and while you guys in cleveland may not have cared about the total of ships, the media does and the media is to blame for the constant info on lebron. He wouldn’t just quit in the playoffs and if you call quitting getting a triple double then i would want him to quit alot. yeah his turn overs were high but he had to literally do everything for that team. he didn’t have the best supporting cast in basketball, he had himself and he was that spectacular for you guys. yeah its upsetting but it’s not like he bashed you guys on national television he thanked you for the years and you wouldn’t hve had a problem waiting to the very end of free agency if he announced he’d resign. if wade lebron and bosh went to cleveland would you guys be saying he couldn’t get it done himself? prob not and the true reason why he was right to leave is because you guys are terrible, awful, hypocritical fans. You are rooting for lakers and boston to beat the heat?! thats just stupid lebron made you winners and now you will see how much he meant to you. You ever think that booing him was a bad idea, it just shows how big of flakes you fans are. he actually took the high road on the desicion, but your owner didn’t ; ever think that he didn’t get along with management and they are to blame. after what dan gilbert said, it was obvious lebron made the right decision. blame your management and not lebron he literally dragged a bunch of scrubs to the finals against the spurs and would have made it to the finals again if boston and orlando and lakers didn’t get stacked for championship runs. he realized what was best and boy the nba better watch out the heat are looking great!

  26. Hey Joe D

    Chew on this.

    Cavs home attendance through the 1st 3 home games this year. 20,562. Yep thats 3 straight sell outs MINUS Lebron….

    The Heat barely sold out their home opener and the seats were 70% full against Minnesota WITH Lebron.

    Cleveland fans care about all of their sports teams win or lose. Of course if a season goes poorly attendance will drop but that happens in every city for every team. All I know is the “bandwagon” Cavs fans are showing up and caring more about a 1-3 team than the Heat fans with Lebron. Is there even such a thing as a non-bandwagon Heat fan? I honestly dont think there is…

    The fans of Cleveland are sticking up for themselves. You being uninformed and posting comments are embarrasing yourself.

  27. As ridiculous as this is, they’re sports fans. Sports fans, real ones, anyway, are ridiculous about this.

    What if your teams player, who probably made no promise to win a ring for your city or doesn’t have a Messiah complex, leaves and joins the Lakers?

    Schadenfreude didn’t work this time around. As much as Clevelanders have ragged on the Lakers, my sports fan heart goes out to you lot. He definitely could have gone about his departure a lot better.

  28. Think Clevelanders would “get over it” just fine if the guy didn’t keep bringing it up himself. What did anyone expect when the man cuts a commercial casting himself as victim.

    You ask questions, you get answers. You let it go, it’s probably gone.

  29. Nick Morrison – Your comment is too ridiculous to even respond to. You sir are an idiot that has no clue. Lebron took the high road! Are you freaking kidding me. Stick to surfing out there in Cali bro…

  30. Nick Morrison – Lebron hasnt thanked the city of Cleveland once for their support over the 7 seasons… that would be a good start.

    Here ill write the script for him.

    ” I have decided to play basketball in Miami this coming season. It was a really hard decision. I know the city of Cleveland gave 100% to me for 7 years no matter what the weather was like or who we were playing. No matter what the economic times were. They were there supporting myself and the Cavs. We came real close a few times but just didnt get it done. I really wish I could have brought the championship I said I would get to that city but it didnt work out as planned. I have an opportunity to play with two good friends and two of the best players in the league. My goal has always been to win championships and this gives me the best possible scenario to do so. I wish I could have convinced them (Wade and Bosh) to play in Cleveland but I couldnt. I know fans will be upset and I understand that. I want to stay active in the greater Cleveland/Akron community and I will always support that city. I hope that with time Cleveland can remember my days with the team as good times and will support me when im not playing the Cavs in the future.”

    Discuss his actual decision before his lame show with Gilbert. Read what I just wrote and this is over. No need for a lame Nike commercial. No backlash. Sure CLE would boo him his first trip back. But if he continued to take the high road we probably end up rooting for the guy 2-3 years down the road once the thought of losing such an important sports figure for the city if gone.

    His complete lack of reality of what he meant to the fans of Cleveland and his complete disregard for those fans is a shame. If it were not for passionate sports fans like those in Cleveland he would not be making millions. He would just be a guy that is tall and could put a ball in a hoop. Is that a life skill? No? Maybe Lebron and all sports figures should think about where they would be without passionate fans. Im guessing it would not be pretty.

  31. Bron’s Nike commercial was asking cleveland people….the issue isnt why cleveland fans were so upset, thats expected….what wasnt expected is why everyone else is hater? that’s who the commercial is for….once again cleveland fans are irrelevant.

  32. Sheesh, this is all blown out of proportion. Clevelanders on here seem to think the ad was aimed at them. News flash: the entire country was ragging on him. You guys think he deserves it, and you’re entitled to that opinion. The fact of the matter is, this commercial is a response to the criticism he’s receiving from EVERYONE, not just you guys. Stop being that person that takes everything personally when it’s not even directed at you. That’s pitiful.

    That said, I think it’s a fantastic response juxtaposed with the clip of him saying he wanted to win a championship for Cleveland. As people are saying on here, you ask the questions, you’ll get the answers.

    And THAT said, I’m STILL a LBJ fan. I grew up in Kentucky and never had a basketball team. All I know is, I like to watch entertaining, skillful play, and this guy brings it. I watched Game 5. Hell, I watched the whole series (and the Chicago one before it). If you want to blame someone, blame Mike Brown. Any Cleveland fans notice how quickly and easily they went to KG over Jamison? Pierce even mentioned the match-up after they took the series. How does a defense-oriented coach not pick up on that??? How do you leave a stud of a young player in Hickson on the bench during most of that series? HE had the length and athleticism to match up on KG. I can guarantee you that LeBron saw that being exploited and wanted it fixed (Any Cleveland fans remember the spat between LBJ and Brown during the series?). How do YOU respond to impossible scenarios? Do you kill yourself to succeed when someone else is sabotaging your success?

    I have nothing but sympathy for what LBJ went and is currently going through. An organization that can’t figure out how to spend the money the right way (as in not shelling out loads of money on an old Shaq or shoddy Mo Williams) to get him some real support, a coach that doesn’t know how to coach (spoiled by LBJ’s play…coach of the year my ass), and a city/owner that disowns him when he leaves (mind you, BECAUSE THE ORGANIZATION PROVED THEMSELVES INEPT).

    He’s said he would’ve handled it differently since “The Decision”. And he DID say that he appreciated the support of the city, whether or not you remember it. I’m pretty sure he said it on “The Decision”, although you were probably too busy reacting to his news to hear it. I’m not trying to say you don’t have a right to be upset. If I were a diehard fan, I’d be pretty upset about it, too (especially after his “goal” to win a championship for the city). Just try to be realistic. Your organization let you down by not doing what it needed to to keep him in Cleveland. It had 7 years to spend the money, make the trades, hire the coaches, etc. to acquire the pieces to keep him/you happy. The Cavs ownership, instead, were blinded by his ability; thinking they could get away with winning a title on his shoulders alone (Even MJ had Pippen. Who did LBJ have? Mo Williams!? Please…). Think about it this way, LBJ said goodbye to a poorly-run organization, not Cleveland specifically (And yes, I understand the two are related).

  33. Bron’s Nike commercial wasnt asking cleveland people….the issue isnt why cleveland fans were so upset, thats expected….what wasnt expected is why everyone else is hater? that’s who the commercial is for….once again cleveland fans are irrelevant to the conversation. it was never about you. thats why he can go on national televesion, your not in the picture.

  34. they should worry more on how to find a way to win the championship first like their president said.. they deserve all that sadness

  35. I’m sorry, but that video is awesome, all fans should appreciate it. Cleveland, love the passion behind ur anger and the creativity u use to express it…..true sports fans are behind u!

  36. I love Cleveland sports. I hate every other team.

    Pretty much sums it up.

  37. All those people who are telling the Clevelanders to get over it? Yeah right. You tell yourself that if it ever happened to you. Granted, its been a few months already, but we know what sports means to us. People who are true to their sports teams don’t just “get” over it. The Decision was just a poor choice. The Clevelanders are just reiterating that. Nothing else.

    Its like what my buddy said. Its as if a guy took his girlfriend onto a national television show called “the Proposal” and then announced he was going to marry some other super model girl in front of everyone. Yeah. Let’s tell her to “get over it”.

  38. SO i just watched a bunch of idiots with a video camera seriously lets look at this this way you guys had lebron for a while didnt give him what we wanted / needed to win a championship now he decided to leave go else where to have a great chance of winning it all legacy coems from after hes done not now in a few years you guys will be old news no one will care about how much you heated on the heat and on lebron and speaking of heat fans and not selling out we sold on all season tickets every game was a mad house but at least i know you sat down and watched a heat game ;)

  39. @Ctown81

    Let’s see how long it holds up. If they stick around, great. Honestly I mean that. I have nothing against the Cavs at all. But, at the same time, you need to move on. LeBron technically owes you nothing. It will obviously sting alittle more when he’s an Ohio guy, but nonetheless, he is no different from any other athlete that’s left a team through free agency. They all have a right to do what they want, he took advantage of it and like he points out in the commercial, not everyone is going to be happy no matter what he does, what’s important is that he is happy. Above anything else you should respect the fact he made a decision for himself and not everyone else, because when it comes down to it, that’s alll that matters. The only thing I can say I disagree with is the ESPN Special that was awful. But, in the big picture, Cleveland fans completley over reacted.

  40. Anyone who doesn’t shed a tear during that ain’t got no soul.

  41. Really Lebron you need to ride Wade’s coat tails to win a championship. What did fans want you to do? How about win your own championship!

  42. Don’t blame Cavs fans one bit. Lebron announces its national hater day on Twitter and then turns around cries to a newspaper that fans won’t leave him alone. Then he makes this nike ad? Was he not expecting a response? How were Cavs fans supposed to feel? Cavs fans can “get over it” when Lebron grows up.

    By the way – I am not a cavs fan. I’ve never been to Ohio and have no agenda. This is an honest opinion from partial source.

  43. I’m not even a Cavs-fan but that video is a masterpiece right there.

    And everyone that’s telling Cavs-fans to “just get over it” is probably a fair-weather Heat-fan (just like the many fair-weather Cavs-fans that popped out of nowhere seven years ago). Do you really think Heat-fans could have gotten over it if Wade had asked for a trade last season? Do you really think Nuggets-fans will get over it once Carmelo gets traded? Do you really think Magic-fans simply got over it when Shaq left in ’96? If you really think so then that just proves my point about being a fair-weather fan.
    Every time a franchise player decides to leave his team the true fans will not “just get over it” – especially if they get stabbed in the back by said franchise player. (At least Carmelo is openly saying that he wants to leave – that gives the Nuggets some time to work something out).

  44. Do I wish LeBron stayed in Cleveland? Hell yes.


    Seriously Cleveland, your beginning to act like the way my friend Tom does every time he gets dumped. I know its tough to contain your feelings at first, but at some point you have to learn to maintain your swagger.

    Remember, the longer you cry and complain the longer the bird knows you really just want them back. You really wanna piss off LeBron? Just pretend you forgotten him already.

  45. To all those who tell Clevelanders to get over it- we have!! Lebron is the one that keeps the issue alive, almost as if he wants everyone to say, ‘its ok Lebron, we still love you’! WE DONT CARE ANYMORE!! The Cavs are giving us some entertaining basketball and the Browns are on the rise in a big (Hillis) way!! Cleveland has always been a football town and that is what really excites this city anyway. So I will say the same thing to all the Cleveland haters that I would say to Lebron; we don’t care what you think, because you don’t know what you are talking about!!

  46. @mikenova. You prove my point in terms of people not knowing what they are talking about. Do you honestly think that LBJ didn’t give his stamp of approval to every move that was made? Besides, his reluctance to not sign long-term put the organization in a tough spot, i.e. no big time free agents were going to come until he committed long term. People want to claim that he ‘ran’ the organization but that the Cavs didn’t give him what he needed? That makes no sense…

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