New York Knicks 120, Chicago Bulls 112
When a team goes 16-24 from three point range, you have to tip your cap. When that same team scores 70 points in the first half, you have to tip your other cap. (Stop wearing two hats, weirdo.) Furthermore, when nine of those three-pointers come from Raymond Felton and Toney Douglas, you might as well just rip your entire head off because that’s pretty much what they’re doing anyway.

Oklahoma City Thunder 107, Portland Trail Blazers 106 OT
It is bad enough that the Trail Blazers lost a close one at home after blowing a double-digit second half lead. But, when you consider that on the same day the Blazers also lost Fabricio Oberto to retirement and Elliot Williams to a dislocated patella, things don’t seem too rosy in the City of Roses. At least they can enjoy the never-temperamental Oregon weather this weekend. Oh, right.