If you watch enough basketball games — and if you’re reading a website called The Basketaball Jones, you probably do — then eventually you’ll notice that a lot of players wear similar shoes. Between the HD cameras, bright colors and distinctive styles, it’s hard to miss. And with shoe deals the way they are, it only makes sense that you’d see the same sneakers popping up again and again. Now, thanks to the good people at HoopsHype, we can finally put some numbers to feet, as they’ve gone to the trouble of cataloging the number of players who wear each individual shoe.

The clear winner by a very large margin is Nike’s Zoom Hyperfuse, which can be seen on the feet of players as varied as Deron Williams, Lamar Odom and Darko Milicic. According to HoopsHype, the Hyperfuse is worn by 114 players, just over 30 percent of the league. In fact, as many players wear the Hyperfuse as the next nine models combined. Pretty decent market share for your economics nerds out there.

Of the top five most worn shoes on the list, Nike holds four spots which makes sense when you consider that almost three times as many players wear the Swoosh than the closest competitor, adidas. Plus, when you factor in that Jordan Brand — a subsidiary of Nike — has the third most endorsers, you realize Nike’s dominance in the sneaker realm.

So, if you’re looking to be as NBA-like as possible, go for the Hyperfuse. It retails for $100, comes in just about every color imaginable, and as a bro who’s been playing in it for the past few months, it’s highly recommended for it’s comfort, low weight and stability.

Plus, anytime you can walk in Darko’s shoes, you should. He’s manna from heaven, after all.

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  1. Meanwhile, Joakim Noah wears Le Coq Sportif…

  2. not so actual list at hoopshype, wrong models for few players and few are just missing…

  3. Seems weird to me that Channing Frye and Amare both wear Durant’s shoe and that Boobie Gibson wears LeBron’s shoe.

  4. @Tom B: How are those blisters doing?

    @Trey: Over here it’s like EUR 89 on EBay and EUR 110 on the street.

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