As a self-professed stats nerd, I get great enjoyment out of the weird, improbable stats that we see in the early part of every NBA season. Sometimes they’re indicative of a trend, sometimes they’re extremely misleading, and the rest of the time they’re just completely random. Here are 10 of the wackiest stats that have intrigued me at the almost-two-week mark of the 2010-11 season. I’ll leave it up to you to determine what they mean, if anything.

  1. LeBron James has yet to grab an offensive rebound after seven games — he had 71 last season.
  2. LeBron’s teammate James Jones has played 187 minutes without turning the ball over a single time. He also leads the league in three-pointers made with 22. I’m thinking these two stats are connected.
  3. Darko Milicic has blocked 19 shots and made just nine field goals. The late Manute Bol had more blocks than field goals in all 10 of his NBA seasons.
  4. Emeka Okafor has made 28 of 39 field goal attempts for a league-leading .718 field goal percentage — Al Horford is a distant second at .654. Okafor has an 85 percent success rate (17-for-20) on shots around the rim.
  5. Okafor isn’t even the most efficient scorer at the rim right now — among players with at least 30 shot attempts in that range, Clippers guard Eric Gordon is an amazing 27-for-31 (87.1 percent)
  6. The king of the mid-range shot (minimum 30 attempts between 16 and 23 feet) is another Gordon — Ben Gordon that is. He’s 22-for-36 (61 percent) from mid-range so far. That’s quite an improvement over his 41 percent success rate from that range last season. If you exclude Allen Iverson because he only played three games, nobody who shot at least five mid-range attempts per game last season made over 50 percent of them.
  7. Raptors center Andrea Bargnani is averaging 20.3 points and 4.8 rebounds per game while his partner in Toronto’s starting frontcourt, Reggie Evans, is averaging 2.8 points and 13.0 rebounds per game.
  8. Elton Brand is averaging 2.3 steals per game after never averaging more than 1.1 steals per game in any of his previous 11 seasons.
  9. After six seasons with the Heat where he never averaged more than 7.1 points per game in a season, Dorell Wright (pictured) is averaging 18 points per game for the Warriors.
  10. The Lakers are second in the league in three-point attempts (149) and first in three-point percentage (.450). The single-season team record for three-point percentage is held by the 1996-97 Charlotte Hornets (mostly thanks to Glen Rice and Dell Curry), who had a .428 success rate but were just 13th in the league in three-point attempts.

Got any weird stats that you think I overlooked? Post ‘em in the comments.

All stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference and Hoopdata.

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  1. Are you planning on checking these every now and again to to see how many of them return to “normal”?

  2. Blake Griffin is T-7th in Free Throw Attempts (52) but only shooting 59.6% from the line.

  3. Tom: Interesting idea. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post in a month to see how many of these trends continue.

  4. More James Jones – the only player to log at least 100 minutes and have every single one of his baskets assisted. Not exactly a “distributor.”

  5. Wizards rookie John Wall is currently leading the League in Turnovers (5.8). Yes, ahead of Nash (5.0) and LBJ (4.7). Nerves.

  6. @Andy: While that stat is noteworthy, I don’t think it qualifies as unusual. I kinda expected him to lead the league in turnovers this season. That’s typically what happens when you hand over the keys to an NBA franchise to a 20-year-old rookie point guard.

  7. How about Paul Millsap? Taking the starting PF position for the Jazz after Boozer’s departure here are Millsap’s numbers:

    20.3 ppg 60%fg 71%ft 11.2rpg 3.3apg 1.2spg w/ eff rating of 28 (second only to Gasol)

  8. If the last one on the Lakers turns out to be a trend, they’re really going to be scary… :-/

  9. Dorell Wright is actually tied with James Jones for most 3s made at 22.

  10. Richard jefferson shooting 60% on 3s, and over 60% from the field

  11. Chris Paul’s rebounds compared to Brook Lopez and Chris Bosh is eye-opening.

  12. @Andy

    thats common for a rookie point guard

  13. New York is currently leading the league in blocks with 8 per game. Compared to last year, where New York was tied in last in the league in blocks, with only 3.7 a game.

  14. -Mike Conley is leading the league in steals with 3.3 SPG.

    -Jason Kapono has played a total of 52 minutes… and has not fouled once. Meanwhile, Nikola Pekovic has played 109 minutes and has 26 personal fouls.

    -Blake Griffin leads the league in And-1s (T-Corey Maggette) with 8 total.

  15. Corey Maggette. $9.000.000 per year for shooting free throws. Awesome.

  16. Cavs are 2nd in the league in attendance.

  17. The Denver Nuggets (still) lead the league in tattoos. Once Carmelo Anthony leaves, this could change. Please remember to follow up this stat.

  18. 11. Devin Harris making your top ten PGs in the league list. You have to address this or I can’t read you.

  19. Paul MIllsap is third in the league in Efficiency Rating after Paw and CP3.

    Andray Blatche has made 23 out of 24 FT this season.

    Solomon Jones averages almost 12 fouls per 48 mins.

    Carlos, I think the Birdman alone leads probably most entire teams in tattoos.. even if Melo leaves, I don’t see many franchises matching the ink this dude has :D

    Niq, common yes, but the #1 pick…. comeon?!

  20. Steve: What’s your problem with Devin Harris? Did you forget he was an All-Star two seasons ago? And he’s still outplaying Tony Parker so far this season. I know the Spurs are 5-1 and the Nets are 2-4, but Parker plays with Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and a rejuvenated Richard Jefferson. Harris plays with Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors and Anthony Morrow. There’s more than a slight difference in talent there.

  21. Paul Millsap of the Utah Jazz was 2-20 in his career from behind the arc, last night he went 3-3.

  22. Kevin Garnett is a di*k 100% of the time, although it is only noticed 4% of the time.

    Yao Ming is the single most over-rated Center of all time, even when healthy.

    Blake Griffin will be the second best white player ever.

    Hopefully this year one of KG or Duncan don’t make the All Star team.

    Chris Paul’s the best point guard in the league, but if you can’t have him you don’t lose much with Deron.

    This years leagues luckiest power forward – Reggie Evans.

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