On today’s rant-filled show, Skeets and Tas marvel at Dwight Howard’s offensive improvement, declare Josh Smith the league’s “Biggest X-factor” and bid an early farewell to Raptors’ coach Jay Triano. (Single tear.) All that, plus Stephen Curry’s clutchness, Bargnani’s shittiness and the NBA’s most fundamentally sound players.

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Comments (35)

  1. Of the two times Jason Collins held Dwight to 2 or less: one time Dwight fouled out of the game and the other he was 19. He might be better than Horford, but he’s still Jason Collins.

  2. Kids should definitely follow Josh Smith. He may not score a lot of points, but what he does on defense are brilliant. Leading the NBA in blocks right now with 27 (Darko is 2nd in blocks with 19). 9.6 rebounds per game. He’s a solid all around contributor to the team, not just one category. For a big man, he can dish out some assists too.

  3. Obviously you watch Tim Duncan, he is called the Big Fundamental for a reason.

    Danny Granger for moving without the ball. Actually, I’d say Richard Jefferson too for that.

  4. Tas, you may be right that the Celtics were looking forward to the Heat and so got off to a slow start. But to say they couldn’t dig their way out of that hole? The Celtics were up 5 with 1:30 to go. Give the Mavs a little bit of credit for making the right plays down the stretch to climb out of that hole.

  5. Definitely kids such as myself, should watch players that move alot around on both ends, Ray, Korver, Noah, Dirk, Luol, Nash, Duncan, Josh McRoberts, players like them.

  6. “Enough about the Dubs”? Really Tas, REALLY? Thanks for talking a little bit more about the Warriors, Skeets.

    I think we’re all too busy focusing and praising Durant’s offensive game to realize he’s a pretty sound defender as well. I remember watching him in college and being impressed with the effort and energy he brought to playing strong defense and he’s kept that up in OKC.

  7. PAU PAU PAU GASOL! All the kids gotta be watching him.

    ps That was your first phone call? The viewer base has to step up, I’ll do my best. W00P!

  8. @Neil – Not our first call, just the first one we’ve aired this season. But everyone should step up! 1-888-TBJ-4377

  9. If we’re talking Offensive basketball IQ – you have to watch Kobe.
    Defensive, I like how the coach put it – forget about KG. I’d go with, like Melas said, Emeka. He’s always in the right spot.

    This is my first comment and I’m just wondering about J.E.’s “whaawhay.. whaawhay!”‘s. I’m trying to spread this – not a whole lot of buyers, though.

  10. If you want a player who is always hustling, always trying to get the win, look at Manu. The flopping occasionally is a bit much, but he does just about everything well on the court and defends tough. If Delonte West ever gets back to 2009 form, he’s someone to watch on D as well. Nastiest SG defense in the league, possibly.

  11. Gotta go with PAu Gasol for big man
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrINFd_Mcg8&sns=em
    Also, high school coaches in Cali, at least in the bay area, get a stipend (around 2,000 i would say. The season is only 3 months longs really) depending on their coaching position, varsity vs j.v, head coach vs assistant. But it isn’t a salary and most coaches I know either teach at the school as well, or have a different day job.

  12. Early Wanker of the Week nomination:

    Zach Randolph’s postgame quote “We just finished the whole game, we played the whole 42 minutes”


  13. “Whaaway’s” are actually “Whoa Boy’s,” as in, “whoa, boy, let’s take a look at this fantasy line.”

    I think. I can never remember this shit.

  14. no talk on Bulls vs Nuggets?

  15. Footwork on the block and a big who can pass? Pau Gasol is the epitome of a big who does everything you want on the offensive end, and the dude can even run the break.


  17. As for players that young kids should look up to, don’t forget to include Grant Hill!!!

    He’s got the heart of a lion, and everyone can admire how he’s able to overcome obstacles to play through adversity.

  18. I think talking about fundamentals you shouldn’t forget about Brandon Roy, he’s a great example when it comes to getting shots off by creating separation.

  19. Great advice, I’ll make extra sure to tell them Bargnani is a perfect example of what we don’t want to do. Coaching is just an addition to working at the school. Sorry, should have clarified that. But, it would definitely be awesome to have that as a full paying gig.

    I don’t neccesarily know that the Cs were looking past Dallas. Mavs played a great game. Stevenson was a catalyst early, and then I was really impressed with how tight the Mavs D was on those last few possessions.

    I think the Celtics are just generally going to be bad on the second night of back to backs this year (which is too bad since they have 19 of them).

    I had the same thoughts after Rondo’s shot. Major turning point. If nothing else, the fact that he’s willing to step up and shoot it at least will hopefully mean teams feel the need to account for him in those types of situations.

  20. nice episode, good to hear someone call out Bargnani. All the talent, the desire just isn´t there …
    As for Collins/Howard : Howard got his, but Collins played great Defense still and the +- numbers are telling here.

    “he´s still Jason Collins” is a stupid comment. He can´t score and doesn´t care much for rebounds, but the guy sure as hell is a great, great defender. You don´t last in the league with his stats if you aren´t a great defender and he is.

  21. as for Rondo and his confidence : If he was confident in that particular situation he´d have taken the shot straight away instead of waiting like 3 seconds before launching it .

  22. I could’ve sworn Dwight has been taking a week or so of his offseasons to train with Hakeem for like the past 3 years. Not completely sure about that, but I remember reading that somewhere.
    Anyway, this new and improved Dwight is not really a result of training with Hall of Fame centers, but rather Dwight’s newfound determination, drive, and attitude shift. He wants to be the A student now, not the class clown.

  23. great show!
    you guys were bang on for fundamental players to watch.

    i would have included Al Jefferson and Blake Griffin as far as attitude and effort on every play, especially rebounds and going back up to score after an offensive rebound.

    i guess i should watch more Dwight games.. been glued to CP3, Griffin and Wall so far this season!

    Am crazy to have Stephen Curry as the #5 PG in the league?
    1. CP3 – 2. D. Will – 3. Nash – 4. Rose- 5. Curry

  24. It’s the fault of Bryan Colangelo, Jay Triano and all the players! Everyone is to blame for this awful start to the season. Heads will roll!


  25. Are the Hawks really on an 11 game losing streak to the Magic? I remember the last second put back dunk by Josh Smith at the end of last season to get them a win at home over the Magic. Four losses in the playoffs and this game, I may be missing one game in there but 11 games since then already?

  26. Paul Millsap for how to position yourself for rebounds w/o being the biggest / strongest guys on the floor. He does his work before the shot goes up, and kids need to do that too. The flashy dunk rebound where a guy skies in from nowhere makes the headlines, but Sap is averaging 20/11 this year. Do you work to get position kids.

  27. Steve Nash was already mentioned as a player for young people to watch, but I’d also like to add that another great aspect of his game to watch is how he uses his body to protect the ball. He is one of the best in the league at getting his body between the defender and the ball when under the hoop. DRose is great at keeping the ball away from the defender at the rim, but that is mainly because of his freakish athleticism. Nash is the guy to watch for the non freaks.

    Another great defensive guy is Shane Battier. Sadly, it’s hard to see everything he does watching because so much of his game is pre-game prep work and studying. He’s another great guy to listen to on the defensive end, and I love his true “hand-in-the-face” style when challenging a shot.

  28. @Peter – thanks for calling me out. I messed that up, the Magic have won 11 of the last 12 vs Atlanta.

    And, Dallas definitely played a great game but I don’t think Boston was all there mentally – their bench was off and J.O. even said he wanted to remove himself to be ready for Thursday’s game vs Miami.

  29. Why do you guys always spend so much time talking about the Atlanta? I think you guys talk about the Hawks more than any other team. I know they are off to a “hot start” against with wins against a bunch of dreck teams, but they are just not that interesting to me. You should hold off on them for a little until they show some sign that they grew from their annihilation at the hands of the Magic last May.

  30. Sorry for the typos. When is a good time to call in to the show?

  31. Jack, I’ll field that question for them. You should probably call multiple times per week. The ideal time is late at night, preferably while slightly inebriated.

  32. GQ’s own Kevin Love for rebounding and outlet passing

  33. I don’t look so dumb for mentioning Millsap yesterday . . .

  34. @Tas: “Caring is part of the game”. Is that your pun (NBA Cares)? You should copyright/T-Shirt that one!

  35. Maybe Batum for his all-around efficiency on the court. KD would be a good example of work ethic and his versatility working off the ball & off of screens.

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