Living the NBA life is rough. Sure, there are the multi-million dollar contracts for playing a game, all expenses paid travel to locations around the globe and beautiful women who just want to be near you, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, can you imagine being seven feet tall and having to sleep in a hotel bed? The. Worst.

However, one NBA city is trying to alleviate that stress for the league’s players. As you might guess, it’s Miami and they’re doing a diggy-dang good job of accommodating some gigantic athletes. The Miami Herald breaks it down:

At seven-foot-six, Houston Rockets center Yao Ming might find that his toes dangle a little off the end of the biggest beds available at Miami’s new JW Marriott Marquis.

But for the average six-foot-seven NBA player, the 84-inch-long California King beds in the exclusive Hotel Beaux Arts, opening this month inside the Marriott, should be just right.

Not to mention the 120-pound hand weights in the gym, extra-long massage tables in the spa or regulation basketball court in the entertainment center.  [...]

The hotel has plans to install a shot clock in the basketball court and put NBA-approved lines on the floor. It also has a media screening room that can be used for watching tape of games and a decked-out gym with weights just made for giant biceps.

Hmm … huge beds, a basketball court, premium gym and screening room — not too shabby. They probably even have Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew in the mini-fridge, which I’m guessing is probably free of charge to NBA dudes. Very nice.

And, since capitalism reigns, it’s not the only tall guys oriented deal in town.

With taller-than-average guests in mind, Miami’s riverfront Epic Hotel at 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, across from the Marriott, was built with high rain-style shower heads, roomy ceilings and raised vanities.

A dozen rooms there cater to the very tall with 96-inch beds — available in some other hotels in the boutique Kimpton chain.

Sales and marketing director Eric Jellson said players want food to be available around the clock, so staff coordinates with teams to make sure they can fulfill any special late-night room service requests.

The hotel, which opened in late 2008, also makes a ballroom available as an actual ball room so visiting teams can practice as needed before games — despite some initial fear of damage.

There ya go, giants. When in Miami, you’ll be sleeping in style. We’re talking $600-800 a night style, which is a pretty good style. Really good style, actually. The best style.

I think it’s pretty obvious why Will Smith is so crazy about that town.