Ep. 605: Mill’slapped!

On today’s “Game of the Year” show, Skeets and Tas break down the Jazz’s dramatic comeback against the Heat. How did Paul Millsap dominate the Heat front court? Was Miami’s loss an aberration or a sign of things to come? Why can’t Al Jefferson adjust? All that, plus the Pacers shoot the lights out, the pains of watching Felton play in D’antoni’s system and Tas apologizes to Cavs fans. Sort of.

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Comments (16)

  1. The most impressive thing about the Cavs, to me, is their ball movement. Just watching a possession where they don’t standaround and wait for Lebron to do something is very refreshing to watch.

    On the other hand, the Heat played horrible at the end of that game. I mean Wade kept them in that game at the end because all they did was sit around and wait for Wade to come through for them. Lebron decided he was a jump shooter for tonight, idiotically, and Bosh disappeared and didn’t even touch the ball really, unless he was getting outmuscled for boards. It was like they were waiting on Wade to do something instead of all of them to overwhelm the Jazz. It was a fluke performance by the Jazz in terms of the shots they were hitting, but the offense that Miami was running was terrible because the Jazz defense wasn’t that smothering of them. Missing fts, leaning only on Wade, just going through the motions, I mean Eddie House for the last shot, cmon. Thats just a terrible game plan. I’m sorry, this is the second fluke game that a team has had against them, Okafor’s like 90% shooting before, and what was once a fluke becomes a trend. If this happens again, I’m not going to be so quick to say this was a fluke. Three losses against great PGs with tough guys inside to dish to. We’ll see if the trend continues at Boston.

  2. Oh and the freaking Pacers are ridiculous. Mike Dunleavy. Mike Dunleavy! Never thought I’d see him as a leading scorer in a game, especially on a team with Collison and Granger. I know the Nuggets have injuries, but thats just ridiculous.

  3. Millsap has three balls?!

  4. Great show guys….the 8th seed in the East will either be the Knicks or Cavs book it playaz

  5. The 8th seed in the East will be Paul Millsap, by himself.

  6. Great show today.

    “Francisco Elson couldn’t miss, even when he wanted to.” – Skeets

  7. Kirilenko’s hair has taken on almost mullet-like qualities.

  8. The Feedburner RSS brings the audio version effing delayed!

  9. Bulls aren’t a lock for the east just yet, if the whole boozer experiment doesn’t pan out the team will have no offensive threat other than Rose, and in fact, the team is probably worse on paper than it was last year (b/c of absence of Hinrich and addition of Unkle Scalabrine). Last year they squeezed into the post-season only because of Chris Bosh’s crumpled face. So really, there are probably three spots up for grabs in the east.

  10. K-Love did have a triple double: points, offensive rebounds, and defensive rebounds!

  11. Skeets, you’re not the only one hating on the Heat announcer. Listen to Ryen Russillo’s podcast from today. The good stuff starts around the 6:10 mark.

    It’s the “NBA Today 11/10″ podcast on espn.

  12. It would be awesome if the Cavs made it and played the Heat. More abuse for LeBron when they played in Cleveland, and it would make him seem like more of an asshole for knocking the Cavs out after he left them high and dry.

    Not selling out the home opener……leaving at halftime of games….I can’t get behind this fanbase. What a waste. These three should have gone somewhere else. What more does Dwyane Wade have to do for Miami to get people coming to the games?

  13. Also, do you guys think the Heat are better this year than they were last year?? I know you guys loved that squad last year. You were talking about them like they were going all the way.

  14. [...] They just care about basketball and making Cleveland’s fans proud. Very, very cool.Plus, as Skeets mentioned today, the Cavaliers are one spot ahead of the Heat in the Eastern Conference. For once, [...]

  15. I don’t always wear ties, but when I do, I prefer them purple.

  16. And I quote myself from here:

    “Bobcats < Cavaliers. Book it!

    New TBJ Theme <<<<<<< Old TBJ Theme. True story."

    I still stand by both of these statements.

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