The genesis behind Michael Beasley’s new top-knot and braids ‘do is pretty simple: Danny Fortson’s unkempt locks plus Troy Hudson’s ponytail. Sure, you might have to divide by two to get rid of some of the length and one of the sprouts, but that’s about it.

All in all, it equals an impeccable look that I really hope catches on. For instance, this would be great on Mike Dunleavy, Jr.

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  1. the cherry on top is matt barnes’ face. “the back of yo head is ridiculous… can i have yo numba?” actually, it looks like he’s checkin out the caboose.

  2. ….wait…is it 1998? Is that Busta Rhymes? Yo! Flip-mode squad!

  3. i love the hair do B-Easy. i like the braids and dreads. you look real cool with longer hair. B-Easy man.

  4. I was watching the Timberwolves play, and I could of sworn I saw Latrell Sprewell playing. It turned out to be Michael Beasley. Love the Sprewell hair do. LOL

  5. Ahhh…Danny Fortson. Definitely has both a Spree on the Wolves & Busta in “Put Ya Hands Where My Eyes Can See” vibe to it.

  6. Haha I was just going to do a post about his hair. I still will. Just waiting for someone to make a 30 for 30 on Danny Fortson. I’d watch that.

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