The Utah Jazz coming back from a 22-point deficit to beat the Miami Heat last night was impressive, but the way Paul Millsap single-handedly sent the game into overtime was positively surreal. After Millsap scored 11 points in the final 28 seconds of the fourth quarter (including three three-pointers after going two for 20 from that range previously in his career), I know I wasn’t the only viewer who was reminded of Tracy McGrady’s legendary 13 points in 33 seconds to lead the Rockets over the Spurs in December 2004.

Which performance was better? I honestly can’t decide, but I think we can all agree that Millsap’s was more improbable.

Video evidence of T-Mac’s heroics are after the jump so you can compare and judge for yourself.

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  1. I’d say it would be McGrady’s only because he created all of his shots and the degree of difficulty was greater to hit 4 threes. Millsap’s is definitely just as impressive because of the improbability, but McGrady’s shot had a higher degree of difficulty. Shooting over Bruce Bowen, Tim Duncan, and then Bruce Bowen and Tim Duncan, just a huge degree of difficulty there.

  2. Definitely McGrady’s… just look at those shots.

  3. Based on jaw-drop-length, McGrady by a hair. Still shocked to see Millsap drain all those shots, but McGrady was videogame territory.

  4. Yeah McGrady’s performance was much more impressive.

    I guess I can agree that Millsap’s was more improbable, based on his history as a player. But I think most NBA players can hit 3′s, especially catch and shoot ones like he was getting from Deron Williams. 3 in a row are against the odds, but man, the shots McGrady made were definitely low % and much more difficult.

  5. I’ve got to give it to Milsap because he is actively battling Evil. This is like when the first chunks of the Berlin Wall were being chipped away.

  6. I still haven’t made up my mind on which performance I’m more impressed by, but I caught both of them live (on TV) and my reactions to the two events were very different. With T-Mac, I was jumping out of my seat and screaming. With Millsap, I simply sat there gobsmacked with my mouth open.

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  8. I vote for Reggie’s 8 in 9.

  9. Don’t forget that D-Will also tossed a 3 in there during that span, so it was 14 points in 28 seconds.

  10. Gotta go with McGrady here. It was ALL him. No help. No double teamed point guards creating open looks.

  11. The second clip took place the night that I took a picture of myself that Trey Kerby thought included neck tattoos.

  12. i still think tmacs is better because of the 4 point play and the game winner, but this was amazing as well

  13. It’s not quite at that level, but this is compressed into 9 seconds.

  14. McGrady was more impressive in terms of degree of difficulty.

    Millsap’s performance however was a revelation. For a good hard working guy to emerge like this, in a manner so unexpected…there’s a joy in something like this that far surpasses a superstar doing superstar stuff.

  15. I gotta say McGrady’s was a bit more impressive…created every one of his own shots, plus there’s the “wow” factor of the steal and the game-winning shots. Millsap’s 3′s were all assisted and relatively open, whereas McGrady was single-handedly winning that game.

    But not to take away from Millsap. Still damn impressive.

  16. T-Mac. Not even a debate.

  17. “I’ve got to give it to Milsap because he is actively battling Evil. This is like when the first chunks of the Berlin Wall were being chipped away.”-walkerp

    I was gonna say Tmac(being a Rockets fan), but this converted me.

  18. McGrady’s 13 points were incredible, it was more impressive.

  19. Definitely McGrady. Shit, if I could do that, I’d be the next John Wall

  20. yeah i have to give it up to t-mac, those were some tough shots while most of milsaps were open good looks. but im still happy the jazz beat the heat!

  21. in my blog, i had t-mac at a notch higher just because he created all 4 of his shots.

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