New York Knicks guard Bill Walker is not your mate, Australia. He only just met you and you don’t know a thing about him. Don’t pretend that you like him. He doesn’t like you. In fact, he hates AC/DC and VB. Sorry.

(via Dime Magazine)

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  1. He needs a nickname.

    My idea: “Hopcorn”

  2. Whoopie doo considering that Milwaukee absolutely abused New York.

  3. “Whoopie doo”, indeed.

  4. Nearly the same dunk as they one he threw down on Ratliff a couple of years ago:

    And as an Aussie, I can say we hate VB too…

  5. The dunk I can get over… but he doesn’t like AC/DC?!? That’s just wrong.

    I enjoyed the reaction from both involved… sweet dunk, let’s move on.

  6. As a Victorian, I am ashamed of G Love.

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