Indiana Pacers 144, Denver Nuggets 113
I told you this would be a high-scoring game. I did not, however, tell you that the Pacers would score 54 points in a single quarter (the third) while only missing one shot (20-21 in the period). I didn’t tell you this because no human alive could have possibly predicted that.

Cleveland Cavaliers 93, New Jersey Nets 91
Every Cavs starter had a negative plus-minus while every bench player — except Ryan Hollins, who was even — was on the plus side. Obviously this means that the two units should be reversed and that Hollins will serve as the control group in this experiment. Scientific method all up in here.

Utah Jazz 116, Miami Heat 114 OT
46 points for Paul Millsap, including three three-pointers in the 4th quarter. That’s more than he’d made the previous 328 games of his career combined. No big deal. Plus, the Jazz’s game-winning play was a drive-and-dish from Ronnie Price to Francisco Elson, who swished a free throw and then banked one in that he tried to miss. So, basically, it was a totally normal game that happens all the time.

New Orleans Hornets 101, Los Angeles Clippers 82
The Hornets’ bench has guys named Quincy, D.J. and Pops, but it is not a blaxploitation film from the mid-1970s. That’s too bad, really, because I bet they’d play well with some Isaac Hayes in the background.

Milwaukee Bucks 107, New York Knicks 80
Seven Bucks had double-digit points, which is kind of hilarious when you consider the Bucks are one of the three worst teams in the NBA in terms of offensive efficiency. But, you know, they were playing the Knicks.

Portland Trail Blazers 100, Detroit 78
Since the Jazz-Heat game went in to overtime, this game ended up being the follow-up to that exquisite context. It was kind of like going from filet mignon to eating a roast made from arm meat.

Los Angeles Lakers 99, Minnesota Timberwolves 92
Kevin Love was allowed to play more than 30 minutes for just the second time this season. All he did was contribute 23 points and 24 rebounds. It’s almost like he should be playing that much every night.