As recently as two days ago, everything was all good between Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrew Bogut with regards to that whole shattered arm business. The Knicks and Bucks were set to play each other and no one wanted to relive the injury. Makes sense, considering it was really gross.

But then, the game happened. That’s when it became a little more clear that the Bucks weren’t exactly over their leader being eliminated from the playoffs before even playing a game. At least that’s how it went down in Stoudemire’s eyes.

Today, the New York Daily News unveiled this little anecdote from Tuesday’s game in Milwaukee.

Scott Skiles apparently did his best Robert De Niro impersonation when Stoudemire began yelling at the Bucks coach in the third quarter of Tuesday’s loss.

“You’re talking to me?” Skiles was heard to be saying back to Stoudemire, who felt that the Bucks went out of their way to be physical with him for Stoudemire’s role in Andrew Bogut suffering a season-ending arm injury last year.

“I think he came into the game expecting payback,” said one Bucks player. “We weren’t even thinking about that. We were thinking about winning.”

Bogut does not blame Stoudemire for the injury and called it “ridiculous” that the Bucks would purposely target Stoudemire.

However, Stoudemire sees it differently. He claims that Skiles got Bogut fired up to play him and more importantly be physical against him.

In the third quarter, Bogut and Stoudemire tangled as the two fought for position during a free throw. Stoudemire began yelling at Bogut and drew a technical foul. At that point, Stoudemire took a couple of steps toward the Bucks bench and was yelling at Skiles.

Someone get Amar’e Stoudemire a prescription for chill pills, please. Or at least tape of Scott Skiles’ teams over the past decade. They play hard, they play rough, and they most definitely play physical regardless of whether or not an opposing player was nearby when their star center broke his arm. Relax, man.

Furthermore, if there were one NBA coach whose face I wouldn’t want to get in, it’s Scott Skiles. The dude fought Shaq back in the day, for Pete’s sake. I’m guessing he’s not too worried about a worrywart power forward who isn’t 325 pounds of pure muscle.

No disrespect to Amar’e, but I’d probably just move on. After all, can you imagine what Scott Skiles could cook up if he really wanted his team to bash on Amar’e? Scary thought.