Ep. 606: Done Did It Again

On today’s laughtacular show, Skeets and Tas cover the wild terrain of an NBA Wednesday night. On tap: the Jazz come-from-behind again, the Grizzlies poop the bed, the Mavs score inside — for one night and one night only — Hubie Brown announces dodgeball, and Skeets has the giggles. Enjoy!

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Comments (10)

  1. ROFL on Pubie Brown

  2. Keeping with today’s theme, a great Hubie Brown drinking game though still in it’s early stages

    Take a drink every time he says one of the following:
    - High percentage
    - Quality minutes
    - Speaks in the 4th person (If I’m ‘NBA player’ I’m saying to myself, put the ball on the floor etc.)

    More additions needed.

  3. Hubie is the best. I would love for him and Bill Walton to team up and do the commentary for the NBA Finals instead of Marc Jackson and JVG.

    As much as we like to make fun of Hubie now, one day every true basketball fan will lose a grandfather when he passes away.

  4. “two best teams or top two teams”… uh same thing guy lol.
    @Pat, couldn’t think of anymore Hubie ones but i think a game featuring mark jackson would be just as good, off the the top of my head

    everytime he says:
    - Talk about. blah blah
    - Also Speaks in the 4th person
    - Hand down, Man down
    - And generally any time he says something retarded

  5. As a Mavs fan it’s disappointing to see the same old jump shooting team as usual. The one thing I’ll give them this year though is they have been amazingly efficient on both ends of the floor. A 53.18 eFG% is good for first in the league, and an opposing eFG% of 45.44 is good for second. I don’t thing either of those will last, but it has been refreshing to see them working on both ends of the floor.

  6. Thank you for talking about how the Mavs do not go to the rim…ever. I have been yelling “Go to the paint!” at my TV during their games for the better part of the last decade. I love the Mavs to death but I am sick of this jump shooting shit. They need a low post presence or, at the very least, more alley-oops for Tyson Chandler. Hopefully when Beaubois comes back he will drive the lane. I know DoJo will but he doesn’t get the minutes and he is a rookie.

    The Jazz play the Hawks next, by the way.

  7. More hubie: “This is what ____ (player) is going to give you . . . ”

    Great stuff guys, keep it coming Jones’

  8. As the artist behind the LeBron masterpiece, i just wanna say that it was a #1, not a middle finger.

  9. @illmatic-1 – “And generally any time he says something retarded”

    so we’d be drunk before opening tipoff then. sweeeeeet.

  10. Just wondering where your poppy’s are guys???

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