Ever since their almost-legendary first round series in 2009, the rivalry betwixt the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls has enjoyed a renewed fervor. Both teams are good defensively, play physically and have players who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Chief among those talkative tall guys are the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and the Bulls’ Joakim Noah.

Both of these dudes are the emotional leaders of their team and the cornerstones of the defensive philosophies that guide the squads. And, as we know, they’ve both been known to yell their heads off, on occasion. Naturally, they’re going to clash, and if Noah’s recent comments on an ESPN Chicago radio show are any indication, that won’t stop any time soon.

“Kevin Garnett will not — will not — get a Christmas gift from me,” Noah said with a tinge of humor Wednesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I don’t like him.” [...]

“He’s a very mean guy,” Noah said Wednesday. “Where’s the love? None at all. Ugly, too.”

Noah said what makes the relationship difficult is how big a fan he was of Garnett before entering the NBA in 2007.

“I had his poster in my room,” Noah said. “I used to wear his jersey. And the truth is my rookie year, I was in admiration of this guy, and he kind of shut me down.

“And he was very mean to me my rookie year. And he’s only mean to the young guys and the [European players], for some reason. I don’t know why, but that’s who he doesn’t like. He’s not nice. I talk a lot of trash out there, but c’mon, be a little sensitive. Be sweet.”

This is why Joakim Noah is so well-liked in Chicago. Not only will he go on record as saying he doesn’t like a guy that a lot of Bulls fans don’t like, he’ll also say little things like “Ugly, too” and “Be sweet.” He’s a character, for sure.

He’s also, I’m sure, going to catch some flack for this. He’s slamming a legendary guy for being mean on a basketball court. That’s not going to go over too well, even if it’s true. Kevin Garnett does seem like bully on the floor, but no one wants to hear another player saying that. Not to mention, when it comes to ugly NBA players, Joakim Noah is at the top of a lot of lists, even if some girls love his bonky hair.

That being said, Noah was on a Chicago radio station talking to Bulls fans. He knows they’re going to love hearing him say this. Plus, from where I’m sitting, one grown man calling another ugly and mean is hilarious.

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  1. I tell this to my mom when she won’t tuck me in.

  2. First of all, Noah shouldn’t be calling anyone ugly (except maybe Popeye Jones). Second of all, KG got treated worse his rookie year than any of these guys. Noah is no better, I’ve seen him do the same shit on the court.

  3. Nick, Noah is no better? He doesn’t call people cancer patients. He’s not an ass like KG. KG swatted the ball out of Noah’s hands after Noah got called for traveling and was giving the ball back to the ref, which is probably why he’s saying all of this. I’d hate the guy too.

  4. i bet if KG was on the bulls team the fans would love him. just like the boston fans love him. but the bulls dont have KG and i can see where they are coming from but seriously it the NBA, what are we supposed to expect the players being all nice and ‘sensitive’ as noah says? if i remember correctly KG got into his head pretty good the other night and the celtics won!

  5. I think Noah’s comments are pretty hilarious. Sure some people wont like what he said, but in all honesty anyone who’s watched a Celtics game, even if just for a few minutes, knows Kevin Garnett is a douche bag….and probably cancerous to the league. ;)
    That being said, KG is a great player, who probably just wasn’t hugged enough as a child. Luckily for him, and Celtics fans, this is no way impedes his abilities on the court.

  6. J, Noah talks tons of shit on the court as well, and just like KG he plays the role of getting under opponents skin. And, he does act like an ass (which isn’t a very strong point, given how subjective it is). What about yelling at LeBron and calling him a bitch from the bench while he was shooting free throws? Bitch is a misogynistic term that insinuates women are like dogs…property of men. I know LeBron isn’t a woman…but Charlie Villanueva also does not have cancer.

    What about insulting the whole city of Cleveland in a press conference. I’m just saying, there are similarities in who they are and what they do (except that Noah will never be the player that KG was).

    And yes, L is correct. If KG was on the Bulls, Bulls fans would love him.

  7. My point is that this is all petty shit that doesn’t matter (swatting a ball out of someone’s hands included). These are just things people do to throw guys off of their game.

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