Three games tonight, and they should all be top quality. Let’s rank ‘em.

Boston Celtics at Miami Heat
Remember all those days ago when the Heat went up to Boston and lost their very first game to kick off the NBA season? Yeah, that was awesome. No, not the very sloppy play, but the Heat jokes were flowing. Will they have their revenge tonight? Let me go on record as saying “maybe.”

Golden State Warriors at Chicago Bulls
Fans of quick guards are going to love this game so much. Also, fans of fun basketball and balding Europeans.

Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets
A week ago, this game would have challenged for tonight’s top spot. But since then, the Nuggets gave up 54 points in a quarter to the Pacers. I’m sure you can understand the downgrade. However, Denver at home is always a good time, probably because it’s home to the world’s first Chipotle. That pilgrimage has to get opposing teams excited.

The Basketball Jones (The Score — 6pm ET)
If you’re in Canada reading this, turn on your TV and watch Skeets and Tas being all Skeets-y and Tas-y. If you’re not in Canada reading this, move to Canada and re-read the first sentence.

Community (NBC — 8pm ET)
Word on the street is that tonight’s episode is set entirely in the group’s study room. For my money, those are the best scenes, so an entire episode is bound to be hilarious. For your money, might I suggest mailing me this green Brad Miller jersey for Christmas?