Washington Wizards 98, Houston Rockets 91
I’m not saying that it isn’t impressive that John Wall had a triple double (19, 10 and 13) in his sixth professional game, but I am saying that it’d be more impressive if he had a nickname like “Hambone.”

Milwaukee Bucks 108, Atlanta Hawks 91
Here’s how close this game was: the Hawks outscored the Bucks by 12 in the fourth quarter and still lost by 17. Here’s another measure: Larry Sanders actually played.

Charlotte Bobcats 101, Toronto Raptors 96
Want to know how bad things are in Toronto? Well, they’ve lost six straight games, have less wins than the Timberwolves and Skeets emailed me a picture of Jay Triano with a pink slip in his pocket with the subject line “You might as well have this…”. Yikes-a-roni, the Ontario treat.

Utah Jazz 104, Orlando Magic 94
The Jazz managed to beat the Magic pretty handily just 24 hours after they took down the Heat in overtime, and they did it with Paul Millsap only scoring 23 points on 15 shots. Too bad for them that they don’t have the Celtics scheduled tonight, because they seem to enjoy playing Eastern Conference title contenders.

New Jersey Nets 95, Cleveland Cavaliers 87
The past two nights, the Nets and Cavs played a home-and-home that saw the away team win both games. Either that means that both of these teams are really great on the road or that neither of these teams are very good at home. Choose wisely.

Golden State Warriors 122, New York Knicks 117
Every starter on both teams was in double-digits, and only 33 points were scored between the two benches. This game is a lot less tiring when you don’t play defense.

Oklahoma City Thunder 109, Philadelphia 76ers 103
The Thunder are seven games in to their season and Nenad Krstic still hasn’t thrown a chair at anyone’s face. I know seven games isn’t much, but they’re probably starting to worry.

Dallas Mavericks 106, Memphis Grizzlies 91
The last minute of this game saw Ian Mahinmi, Acie Law, Brian Cardinal, Hasheem Thabeet and Steve Novak on the floor at the same time. That’s like a “Yep, these guys are still in the league” showcase.

San Antonio Spurs 107, Los Angeles Clippers 95
Remember when there was a lot of hype behind the Clippers? And when people thought they might be a playoff team? Well, they’re 1-8 now. Thanks, Baron Davis.

Minnesota Timberwolves 98, Sacramento Kings 89
42 points for Michael Beasley last night, mostly because all of the Kings kind of thought his hair was actually poisonous snakes. You can understand the confusion and fear.