Yes, there really is a band called Vladee Divacc that plays ambient music that they call “dunkwave.” I’m totally serious. Stop laughing because it’s a real thing, you guys.

I mean, here’s their description, courtesy of their LastFM page:

Vladee Divacc, is a Dunkwave project from Tempe, Arizona created by Christian Filardo. Currently the band consists of two members Edouard Urcadez and Filardo. They are playing shows, and are looking to tour Summer 2011. They are currently working on a full length entitled “Get Open”.

See, it’s definitely a real thing. Not some sort of in-joke about the chillwave aesthetic at all.

If you’re so inclined, you can download or stream their first EP, “Hoop Dreamz.” It’s droning post-Four Tet electronic music peppered with repeated samples of old NBA broadcasts with song titles like “Chris Mullin,” “Phoenix Suns” and “John Stockton.” If that’s your thing, you’ll love Vladee Divacc.

It’s not my cup of tea, but someone must like it because they’ve played shows that feature the performers wearing vintage NBA shirts while crouched on the floor and hitting a basketball with a microphone. Clearly, this band is going to be huge.

(via Shoals)