When Jason Whitlock says that Chris Bosh “is too soft to be the third wheel of the ‘Big Three’,” this is probably what he’s talking about. I’ve played very few minutes as an NBA power forward, but I’d surmise that guiding an opposing player to the rim for a monster dunk isn’t the generally recommended defensive strategy.

That being said, it was very nice of Bosh to offer Rondo a helping hand. Kindness counts, you guys. Not in basketball, but definitely in life.

Video after the jump.

Rony Seikaly would have never let that happen.

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  1. Hey Chris Bosh, hope you got to watch the replay on your Miami cable subscription

  2. I bet Joakim Noah likes Bosh a lot more than he likes KG. “That Bosh boy is so sweet. Letting little Rajon get his dunk on.”

  3. Poor Bosh…in Toronto all the fuckwits just blamed Bargnani….He took no responsibility for that kind of play at all.

    That is exactly how he played defensively for 7 years….and he was spoonfed on offense, which ain’t gonna happen in the same way now either…and he is actualy going to be watched by more than the cretins in Toronto and the worst NBA media in the league that were permanently attached to his butt.

  4. chirs bosh is going to be #1 on the annual overrated list

  5. Also, Rondo is very, very good.

  6. BOSH life sux huh?

  7. Lol.. Garnett was more physical with Rondo after the dunk than bosh was on the play.

  8. Mourning must be rolling over in his grave watching how easily Bosh let Rondo dunk on him!!!

  9. Nunya- Bosh is good at being dunked on. Bargnani is also one of the worst players in the league.

  10. Poor Bosh can get some advice from Mr. V Carter.
    Poor baby, no one making ball for him so he can get the credit and making a place in top. Now he decides to kick his ladder and stay on the tree, doing nothing can get the big bucks… Mr. C bosh for how long!! Sky is not falling..outside looks pretty good…but what in it for you. Our boys makes you STAR by helping you to grow and making big scores.. You betrayed them…. You know goes around comes around….it is your time…watch more cable, get more tv coverage, play no basketball…then you will be shown in tv as a looser. HavĂ© some shama.. Your are done! You can say bye to all the respects and love you had in Toronto. Finally from a hero you chose to be a zero…..


  12. haha i hope miami realizes that bosh sucks and they send him to the clippers

  13. Lol Bosh cant do anything about Rajon Hell shoot a three in his face and CA$H it. Bosh go to the Clippers and maybey they wont be 2nd worst team

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