Boston Celtics 112, Miami Heat 107
This is the second home loss in a row for the Heat, which is kind on hilarious when you consider that the 2008-09 Cavaliers lost two games at home the entire season. I’m sure Cleveland loves that little factoid.

Chicago Bulls 120, Golden State Warriors 90
Every Bulls starter scored at least 14 points last night, and this game was basically unwatchable after Chicago built an 18 point lead in the game’s first 13 minutes. And that’s coming from a Bulls fan who still can’t believe Keith Bogans was in double-digits.

Denver Nuggets 118, Los Angeles Lakers 112
If someone told you that Kobe Bryant scored 34 points in the same game that Pau Gasol had 17 and 20, you’d probably assume the Lakers won their game. But clearly you forgot to factor in that Theo Ratliff and Luke Walton didn’t play. That changes everything.

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  1. As long as Vladimir Radmanovic is a part of the Warriors rotation, they’re going to have big time trouble against top-tier teams. I know the 2nd games of back-to-backs are tough, but man the W’s did not look good last night.

  2. haha drakes joke is too funny. hate when he busts that flow.

  3. That dude next to Drake looks like a mixture of Glenn Robinson & Samuel L. Jackson.

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