Ep. 608: Love & Hate

On today’s wacky show, Skeets and Tas take a look at this weekend’s winners and losers. Did anything top Kevin Love’s improbable stat line? Is the media favoring Kevin Durant over LeBron James? Should the Hawks have gone through with a trade for Kings forward Jason Thompson? All that, plus the streaking Jazz, the Suns’ three-point barrage and some unexplainable in-studio ghosts.

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Comments (19)

  1. I agree with you that the media blew Lebron’s comments out of proportion. There’s no need for that – but it happens all the time…
    That being said, if you compare Lebron’s summer to Durant’s summer I think only one of those two is “allowed” to complain of tiredness.

  2. i can’t even really be disappointed or upset that the leakers lost to the suns, i mean wtf u gonna do when the other team makes 22 goddamn 3-pointers.

    To answer tas the reason that nobody is jumping on the lakers for losing two in a row is because nobody predicted that they would win 70 games this season

  3. Then again it is a twosided affair – LBJ gets all the highlights dunking all alone in a fastbreak and guys like Hakeem Warrick, Javale McGee and people like that destroy people with facials and dunk all over the entire world. What’s up with that?!

    So the extra hype when he sais a negative thing is overrated but having a mini movie and pretty much an entire pressconference about a dunk (powerfull – yes, I’ll give him that) besides (not over, since he just moved out of the way of commiting a dumb foul) Garnet a few years back is OK and just fine??

    Guys, just a question – can the podcast be filmed on the set of the TV show? Geting a cheer from Matt with the Footy Show background is just wrong… can’t the Score at least put up a banner or something over it when you’re fiming? :))) Cheers from Bulgaria ;))

  4. Love the show guys!

    Real quick note … the Magic set the 3PT record TWO years ago (08-09) .. not “last year.” Hedo was on both record setting teams .. interesting… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a4z_QWOAQY

  5. Thompson is so underrated! ATL should get him for that random guy… No offense.

  6. Finally some love for K Love! The guy is actually a beast and it’s ludicrous that Rambis and the T-Wolves had to see him put up 31,31 and 5 assists just to get realistic playing time! Absurd! Seriously, if I was a T-Wolves fan I would be calling for the whole front office’s heads!

    From the weekend. I watched the Raps vs. Heat game and to be completely honest I was very upset with the level of basketball being played. Is it just me or does Miami look like they just don’t give a lick? Seriously? Their offense looks like it’s right out of the playground. They just happen to have so much pure skill, they can put up huge numbers, but it seems completely unorganized to me. And the Raps are completely different, they work hard on both ends of the court but just don’t have the skill set, to fill the bucket or get stops. It was a tale of two sides of the coin for sure. Complete opposite teams.

    My losers for the weekend, Rambis is an idiot, the t-wolves suck, and it’s no wonder the Heat have yet to beat a decent team.

    Winner: K-Love, hopefully he’s dealt out of there soon!

    One last thing: I don’t recall Steve Nash’s words getting “twisted” when he was two time MVP… it’s Lebron’s own fault.

  7. Why does Lebron get flack for saying 44 minutes is too much in a losing effort?


  8. i’m kinda interested in the technical difficulties . . .

  9. The Hawks hole in the front-line seems much harderto fill to me that to find a good young PG… I mean: how many good 7-footers are there? And how many good 6′-6’2 guys?

    It seems like years since the Hawks want to play Horford at PF, but they can’t… Thompson is 6’11 if I’m not mistaken, it could have allowed them…

    If they don’t have a trade brewing sending Crawford out for a big, I don’t get it…

    Great show overall, guys!

    But yeah, sad for Roy…

  10. Tried to register for the picks… why no NY in the ‘state’ drop down for contact info?

  11. can you tell the Raps thanks for beating Orlando at home and convincing me to stop making picks?

  12. @scud77 – NY has weird prizing laws. Just put another state down.

  13. I think Orlando could qualify for a loser of the weekend. Losing at home to Toronto and then needing a last-second shot to beat the Nets on Saturday? Not a great weekend for a team that’s supposed to be competing with the Celtics and the Heat.

  14. It’s a fair point about Durant and LeBron, but only if you look at this one instance. Durant is given the benefit of the doubt because he has shown that he has a lot of tact (that LeBron sorely lacks) and that he doesn’t have a huge ego. I think the recent events with each one does definitely change the way their comments are viewed.

    This is what LeBron signed up for, and what he’s tried to accomplish all along. Everything he does and says is going to be huge news. There is maybe no other player who has put themselves in a position with so much pressure.

    And, finally, I guess I just don’t see how it’s productive to question the coaching strategy openly like that. As if Pat Riley looming over him and the dissapointing record aren’t enough pressure, now he’s got his superstar questioning his strategy. He should have brought it up privately. It’s not like there is an easy solution………this is not a deep team.

    I guess I just mean it doesn’t take a seasoned politician to understand that the smart thing would have been to not say that under these circumstances. The media response is pretty predictable.

  15. This guy should try to count to ten before he says something…

  16. I’m sorry for probably being annoying but it just makes me mad… LeBron was King before he had a kingdom, he was MVP before he could prove that he could actually lead a team in more than just stats, he was 73-gm winner before he played even 5 games with a completely new squad, he even had music videos saying “understand nothing was done for me”..?!?! Negative publicity is what he himself brought onto himself for embracing this megastar role before he had what to show for it… NickL has got that thing dead right!

  17. we never found out what the “technical difficulties” were when you had a knock on the door during filming in the apartment, pre-thescore.com. we want the truth!

  18. Give it three years and Chris Paul’s knee will be where Roy’s is right now. That fast repair surgery they do these days to get guys with torn cartilage back on the court in three months is absolutely nonsense.

    When the Blazers are mathematically out of playoff contention, Roy will be off for micro fracture surgery.

  19. LeBron may be learning. This is the type of shit he’s supposed to say:


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