Since 1986, Kevin Love is one of only eight guys to have a 30 rebound game, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s good at rebounding. You might even say that he’s very good at rebounding. In fact, when it comes to rebounding, Kevin Love should be teaching lessons at Sylvan Learning Center and having his lectures taped so that they can be distributed to children around the world who want to learn the art of rebounding.

Or, I suppose, anyone who wants to get better at grabbing boards — here’s looking at you, JaVale — could just read his seriously great blog on GQ. Because, as everyone knows, there’s no finer resource for basketball education than a men’s style magazine’s website.

Nonetheless, here’s Love rhapsodizing about rebounds, prior to his Friday night explosion.

For me, rebounding is all a mindset. My dad told me back in the day that there is no such thing as a selfish rebound because it’s a team stat. If you have to fight one of your own teammates for a rebound, do it—as long as you get it.

Also, I studied the greats. Dennis Rodman had it figured out: he knew that most shots are going to come to the other side of the rim. So that’s how I position myself. And Bill Russell always used to say that 80 percent of rebounds are below the rim.

I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to jump and touch the top of the square every time. I use my body for positioning, and I work relentlessly underneath the rim. You don’t have to be the most athletic guy in the world to get a bunch of rebounds, so I just try and take what my dad said to heart, what Rodman said to heart, and most importantly what Bill Russell said to heart. He’s got 11 championship rings so I think he knows what he’s talking about.

Yeah, I’d agree with Kevin Love — Bill Russell probably knows what he’s talking about. He only averaged 22-and-a-half rebounds a game over the course of a 13-year NBA career. And Rodman was no slouch either, even if his 13.1 boards a game seem like nothing compared to Russell’s outlandish stats.

Kevin Love is studying the right guys when it comes to rebounding. And, they say, a willingness to learn is the key to, umm, learning. The only concern now is that he’s giving away his secrets on the Internet. If any other NBA players happened to stumble across Love’s blog, they’d be able to crack the code.

That being said, I can’t imagine too many players are clicking through GQ’s sports section on the reg, so his secret is probably safe. Hiding things in plain sight is so sneaky.