The Orlando Magic have played ten games this season and Dwight Howard already has five technicals. Well, four since one was rescinded, but we’ll say five because he was still T’d up during the game. Were he to continue at that pace — one every other game — he’d tie Rasheed Wallace’s record (41) for most technicals in a single season. Quite the accomplishment and something that you’d think Howard would be shooting for. Everyone wants to be in the record book, after all.

But even though it’d be fun for Howard to see his name right next to ‘Sheed’s, he’s not too crazy about all these techs. That’s why he’s putting together a plan to explain himself in an effort to rid himself of the stigma that comes with leading the NBA in technicals. Tim Povtak of NBA FanHouse has the story.

“I thought about have a round-table discussion with our referees, discussing my concerns,” Howard said. “Not before the game, but sometime next week, just to sit down and have a meeting with them, tell them I love them.”

Howard routinely shakes hands with game officials each night before tip off. Now he wants to do more with them.

“I thought about taking them to dinner the night before (our games), or maybe taking them to Disney World or bowling,” he said. “Just find a way to tell them when they’re in town. Maybe I have to go back to learning sign language.”

I think this is a very good idea. As a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Dwight has to hate giving up the free points that come from technical free throws. If him wining and dining NBA officials is going to smooth things over, then he should totally do it. I’m sure that’s not against NBA regulations in any way, shape or form. Totally legal, I’m guessing.

Or, as Dwight mentioned, he could just learning sign language. The man’s hands are enormous, so I’m sure he could make some pretty emphatic points.