Scott Raab is a pretty big deal, hot-shot kind of magazine reporter. He wrote for GQ for a long time, then he hooked up with Esquire and he’s been writing for them for a time. Basically, when it comes to Cleveland-based interviewers in men’s style magazines, there’s Scott Raab and then there’s everyone else.

And since he’s from Cleveland and since he’s a big sports fan — check the Indians tattoo on his arm and the columns on Deadspin — it’s only natural that he’d want to write a book about LeBron James and how his leaving Cleveland affected him and the city. So that’s what he’s doing, while simultaneously filing regular columns for Esquire. The man owns the LeBron-left-Cleveland beat and his book is sure to be a winner.

Except for this one teensy-weensy problem that he’s encountered in Miami. From his latest post:

At 4:01 P.M. yesterday, I get this e-mail from Tim Donovan, head of media relations for the Miami Heat:


You are no longer welcome at our building and will not be credentialed moving forward.


That’s it. That’s the whole e-mail. So I send back an e-mail at 4:04 asking why.

No reply.

Oh, super cool move, Miami Heat executives. Banning a well-respected author who’s covering the biggest NBA story of the year is a very interesting media relations tactic. It’s the kind of thing that makes the Heat even more likable.

Raab suspects that he may have offended some people involved with the Heat, particularly LeBron James who he calledand repeatedly calls — the “Whore of Akron.” Not the best nickname, probably, but certainly not the worst thing LeBron has ever been called. I’m no director of standards and decency, but if every person who wrote unflattering things about the Heat was banned from the arena, there’d be no press. Plus, with all those unsold seats, you’d think the Heat would want as many people in the gym as they can get.

Nonetheless, no matter what Raab got banned for, this doesn’t look good for the Heat. For a team that consistently gets slammed by the media as everything that’s wrong with the NBA, banning writers isn’t going to help. Unless, of course, they’re really embracing the Evil Empire thing. Then it totally makes sense.

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  1. So Scott Raab presumably still lives in Cleveland and still writes for Cleveland-based periodicals, right?

  2. The Heat are being juvenile about this. Unless Raab is viewed, with reasonable cause, as a safety threat, and there should not be any reason for this to happen, they should not be banning him.

    At the end of the day, nobody will really remember this ban though and it will not affect anything, except for the quality of the information Raab has access to, and therefore the quality and thoroughness of the book.

    What a shame. Everybody outside MIami (and most inside as well) hate the Heat already, so this adds nothing to that.

  3. Again, Heat/Lebron bashing.

    This one is simple, really. The Heat made a bunch of changes to their credentials and seat reservation to open up more premium (e.g. court-side) seats for sale.

    So, he wasn’t the only one dropped. There were just WAAAY too many credentials. He was probably at the top of the list, though, after all the stuff from him.

  4. @MG Please. Did you NOT read that part that said “are no longer welcome.” ?
    Get the f*** outta here with your “Heat-bashing” comments and stop insulting us.

  5. When the Heat decide to change their credentials, do they typically tell reporters they are no longer welcome in the building?

  6. Oh yeah, before anyone says this is just minor hating, this is from a guy that wished Lebron would blow out both knees.

    They wold find any reason to ban the guy, let alone a “financial” reason.

  7. Typical internet fools missing the point. As a credentialed member of the media, you’re responsibility is to represent your organization as a professional. Calling someoe the “whore of” anything should and will get you banned.

    There are plenty of ways to criticize. Plenty. Whore is over the top and he makes all reporters look lousy. Just plain silly to defend this guy, like defending rappers (T.I.) that violate parole and head back to the joint.

    Keep “reporters” like this away from venues … probably the same fools that started the “Thug League” garbage …

  8. I’ve been calling Chris Bosh “RuPaul” since Shaq gave him that fitting name and I was never banned from the ACC

  9. Scott should try being a little more tactful… maybe try “dirty little bitch of Akron” instead. Just a thought.

  10. Raab sealed his own fate on this one. He probably did get his credentials pulled for financial reasons. But he got a personal FU from the Heat media relations department because he’s been maligning LeBron and the Heat in an especially unprofessional manner from day one.

    Raab is a great writer, but he’s not a reporter. He doesn’t deserve press credentials. Hopefully the Heat won’t actually try and throw him out for attending a game as a member of the public and not a member of the press. That would be over the top.

  11. Honestly, any half-decent journalist who actually uses the terms “Whore” when describing a professional athlete does not deserve the title of journalist. There’s a line between “whore” and something like traitor or loser.

    But that’s just me.

  12. There is NO way I would let someone who called me and mine a “whore” in public get anywhere near us.

    Raab is a stalker. The Heat should get a restraining order against him.

    You do NOT invite the fox into the chicken coop. That’s just plain dangerous and stupid.

  13. Oh No he got banned!

    How we he continue with his clearly unbiased and authoritative reporting of another cities team now?????

    Seriously why should they give him anything when he is clearly just going to write trash about them no matter how he is treated by them.

  14. Don’t the Heat need more people in there games since they haven’t sold out those seats. Lol, they even made FAN UP as a desperate attempt to get their own fans to stay at games. Shouldn’t be banning people when they’re desperate to fill their seats. haha!

  15. I usually jump at the chance to hate on the Heat……but this sort of all makes sense. Reporters shouldn’t be banned…..but as previous commenters have said….anyone who calls a sports figure “the whore of akron” shouldn’t be considered a reporter. that’s something different. im sure lebron’s people were pressuring the heat about it, and i don’t blame them.

  16. And, I actually think the NBA is smart to not give this dude a credential at all. I just checked out his twitter, and some of the stuff he says to LeBron is absurd. Having someone like him around is bad. He’s just going to bait those guys into doing something stupid.

  17. The following is a quote from Bethlehem Shoals and Tom Ziller in Fanhouse who did follow-up reporting:

    “Obviously, the Heat or NBA would have been irresponsible to let Raab within 10 feet of James”

    “In actuality, the ban stemmed from Raab’s unglued Twitter rants targeting James. At right are two such tweets from Sunday, a day before the Heat’s dictate came down. Yes, Raab calls LeBron the twelve-letter word, a gutless punk, a “f—–g loser” and tells him to “go f–k” himself. These aren’t the first such attacks.

    “NBA spokesman Tim Frank explained the denial of credentials to The Works: “There is an expectation of professionalism on both sides of the team-media relationship. The posts on Mr. Raab’s Twitter account clearly fall short of that standard.” Obviously, the Heat or NBA would have been irresponsible to let Raab within 10 feet of James; it’d be like forcing LeBron to break bread four nights a week with Dan Gilbert. There is no right to a free ticket and personal access, and the Heat shouldn’t feel any shame for having blocked Raab.”

  18. the majority of you are obviously LeBron fans! and who cares! if the man want to tweet-let him tweet! its HIS opinion=we are all entitled to one. i just don’t think little lebron can take all the jabbing anymore. we get what we give….you should see the fellow Ohioans talking about him and the team on another site-its everywhere-HE MADE IT THAT WAY!!!! GO CAVS!

  19. What is interesting, and Cavs fans have always known, the Cavaliers organization and fans in general have protected James for years. Raab’s book will really show what a prima donna LeBron truly is. From dictating practice times to game lineups to determining where the multi-million dollar practice facility would be built, “the King” had his way on everything. The powers that be in NE Ohio let the kid run. I doubt that plays well with the powerful in South Beach. In NE Ohio James was family while in Miami he is just a show pony.

  20. Raab is clearly the “Whore of Cleveland”. I live here and founded the most active social network in town – – and Cleveland is so over the LeBron trade and on to 2010 – there are a few sensationalist haters and users in the media playing the LeBron game and Raab seems the worst… his blathering in Esquire and “Whore of Akron” insults show him not to be a journalist and he has no reason to be offered credentials anywhere.

    Why is Esquire even still in business… does anyone really read that crap?

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