TBJ Top 5, featuring donut ankles

There are seven games going down tonight, just a couple of which might knock your grey tube socks off. You sure do love your grey tube socks, which is weird because they show how sweaty you are, instantly. That’s pretty gross, man. Just switch to white or black and people will be a lot friendlier to your feet. Your call though.

Nonetheless, here’s some games you should watch.

Chicago Bulls at Houston Rockets
I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to read Joakim Noah saying “I never knew that I could have a redneck as a best friend,” about Brad Miller. That’s like Santa Claus saying how him and the Easter Bunny like to eat bagels together. Or something that makes more sense that is equally awesome.

Los Angeles Lakers at Milwaukee Bucks
When Pau Gasol and Andrew Bogut get together, it’s like a battle to see who can use their off hand for hook shots more often. The winner, as always, is fundamentals. Stretch those arms, kids.

Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers
I was lucky enough to have lunch with Andrew Unterberger yesterday. He’s the guy traveling all around North America, seeing basketball games. He’s seeing the Pacers more than any other team on his trip, which we both agreed isn’t bad because at least they can score points. So, consider that when you’re making your viewing choices.

Toronto Raptors at Washington Wizards
No, John Wall isn’t playing tonight, and Reggie Evans might be a scratch as well. Nonetheless, neither of these teams can play defense and both have some guys who can score. Not to mention, Gilbert Arenas is getting his first start of the season, which has the potential for some hilarity.

Philadelphia 76ers at Cleveland Cavaliers
At the very least, both of these teams are going to play hard. Futhermore, they’re both wearing kind of retro uniforms. Even further furthermore, employ guards who have the last name Williams. Twinsies!