Ep. 610: Rain Rant

On today’s rant-and-rainy show, Skeets and Tas check out the best from across the league. How was last night’s Hawks-Pacers game a microcosm of Josh Smith’s career? Is there a better big man match-up than Gasol vs. Bogut? Could Shannon Brown be the Sixth Man of The Year? All that, plus Wes Matthews’ big night, umbrella wars and new NBA player doodles!

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Comments (13)

  1. Great job on the Like A Bosh vid. Just saw it on SI hotclicks.

    One thing I realized about Bosh yesterday was how he disappeared in the few playoff games he played for the Raptors. I’m thinking of him getting out muscled by Jason Collin’s for the Nets for a 4 game sweep.

    Just made me realize he was way overrated during his time here, and it seems to be the case in Miami.

    Bosh’s post season play – like a bosh.

  2. Xman: the Nets series went 6 games. But yes, he was not great in the playoffs.

  3. @matt: i was the one who asked u about the sign up for the bball picks. I had to select a state/province, so i did, and just wrote my country after the city name, like: city, country.
    Will that work? by the way, if one reads out your last name in swedish, it means: the cheese

  4. What guards would you guys give people video of these days? I would personally give videos of Kobe’s footwork and Ray’s shooting form. I’d watch guys like Chris Paul and Nash and Kidd for their dribbling and point guard etiquette that you guys pointed out. heh, the youngest guy I just pointed out was Chris Paul.

  5. Yeah Tas, I’d watch for every Hawks game and the friggin’ Esake A1 if I could make it my job ;)

  6. So, I’ve always had “a thing” against umbrellas as well. I’ve just always felt like it’s a sign of weakness. Generally speaking, I reject umbrellas fully. You’re right, it’s like a goddamn hazard on the sidewalks for everyone (and I’ve never even come in contact with these huge ones you’re talking about). How selfish to put other people at risk so you can be dry. Get a fucking raincoat.

    I wish Perk would learn to keep the ball high. That is my one and only compaint about his game. Judging from his rejection of my thoughtful wedding gift, I’m guessing he’s not really open to my suggestions.

  7. Thanks for watching the Hawks for me, Tas.

    Brown vs. Matthews (if Roy comes back and is relatively healthy) could be a great race for Sixth Man.

  8. No love for Landry Fields?
    Amar’e or Bosh, who has been the bigger disappointment?

  9. @Danga!

    Yes, that’ll work. As for the cheese, I know that all too well. I spent a few months in Denmark and was told many times about being “The Cheese.”

  10. Looks like Popeye Jones. Homophobe looks like a freken monkay

  11. Hey Skeets (no friends) and all,

    Just wondering if you guys are aware of the movember movement that as far as I know started in Australia, it’s where for the month of November people grow moustaches and do stupid shit like that for prostate awareness or depression or something like that, male issues that somehow relates to growing a mo basically.
    Sports people and television personalites here do it to varying degrees of success, just wondering if anyone in Canada or in the NBA gets an honourable mention. Or even knows about it. I thought you guys mentioned it in a show but wasn’t sure, so just checking for updates.

    Bogut has that stupid looking pilgrim beard, but that’s as close as I could find.

  12. TJR — Yup. The Score actually has a Movember Team page going. And let me tell you, there’s some bitchin’-ass ‘stahces walkin’ around this place right now. Very jealous.

  13. The Bucks game was in HD in Milwaukee. I don’t know why it wasn’t by you guys.

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