“Like a Bosh” [idiom, ~2010]: When someone or something desires the limelight only to wilt under the newfound pressure.

[Note: Thumbnail image courtesy of JSM Design]


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Comments (81)

  1. Wow. Just when you finish laughing, something else makes you laugh, then the bicep scream, then something else. I laughed myself stupid.


    “Date a crazy bitch!”

  2. Well, that was incredible.

  3. That’s amazing.

    I have probably watched this highlight about 3000 times since last year:


  4. This is great guys.

    One day we will have to battle it out sports rap style.

    But for now….back to my beat laboratory.

  5. This video – Ruling hard since this morning.

  6. man, the face says it all!!

  7. Awesome. Simply awesome.

  8. Post a Comment.
    Like a Bosh.
    With no effort.
    Like a Bosh.
    Get some credit.
    Like a Bosh.
    For other’s work.
    Like a Bosh.
    Think of tweeting.
    Like a Bosh.
    Lose all my followers.
    Like a Bosh.
    Do an interview.
    Like a Bosh.
    For 15 minutes.
    Like a Bosh.
    Jokes gone on to long now.
    Like a Bosh.
    I should stop now.
    Like a Bosh.

  9. Hahahaha well done

  10. this shit is hilarious….$100 bucks says Skeets mug was empty…in the end we’ll all see that just like Tas with that stapler we were all overreacting to Bosh’s performance lol

  11. That is awesome. I had never actually seen that scream before and wow is that ever embarrassing. Great work.

  12. Fantastic work guys. The over reacting part tops is off perfectly.

  13. haha the scream is priceless

  14. Damn. When I saw the line “Like a Bosh” thought Skeets would’ve went all Aaron Neville with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCAADk60CMo

  15. That was brilliant! “Over-reacting”…typical “blue blooded” Toronto Fan?! Hurrm?

  16. Hilarious! Keep up the excellent work.

  17. This was an awesome video about Chris Bosh. Well done and by the way, TAKE THAT, BOSH!! That’s what Bosh gets for ditching the fans that he got while he was a Raptor.

  18. this was just TOO good.

  19. This really is an amazingly funny clip. I wish you could forward this to the guys on TNT, they would eat this up! Assuming they get the Lonely reference it should be shown on prime time!

    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  20. “Toast some white folks!”


  21. Like a Bosh! I’ll use that in all my conversations. ha!

  22. Funny. But, what a copout at the end. Either go strong to the hole or don’t – don’t be a wuss and hedge to make nicey-nice in case Chris straightens out his game.

  23. Much like Tas at the start of that skit, I’m guessing Riles and the Heat wish they’d kept the receipt on their Bosh purchase.


  24. Al Ferwell is right…are people missing the Bosh-love point at the end??

  25. gay much? get off his dick man. he didn’t want you, so he left. stop acting like sore bitches.

  26. You’re right, CreativeGenius, only the dickwads wanted him in Toronto….most understood that a team led by RuPaul and his bitch Triano would be a losing proposition forever.
    Most of us are happy he’s gone and waiting for the day Colangelo, Triano and all the gaywads that belong at the YMCA are gone.

  27. While reading the blog that Emile linked, I had a thought: If the Heat decide to move Chris Bosh, how much easier did they he make that trade for Riley by taking less than the max on his contract?
    Bosh on Bosh, “If I pull a Bosh, you can trade me. Is there an NBA team in the Hamptons?”

  28. Who are you guys? This is hilarious! And on point. Where’s T.O.’s, LeBron’s, and Big Ben?

  29. funny thing nunya……whether you wanted him or not, losing is a part of Toronto culture. you’re worse off with him gone. and i bet you wouldn’t call him RuPaul to his face bitch.

    stop grabbing your e-nuts & tryna be a gangster. these same asses who made this video have never & still wouldn’t say shit to him in person.

  30. unreal lollllllllllllllll

  31. It appears “The Creative Mensa Society” has lowered their standards for membership.

  32. And I was wondering why J.E Skeets got fired from Yahoo…. OOOPS, TOO SOON?

  33. this is the best thing i’ve ever soon on TBJ

  34. I am stunned by the gloriousness of this video.

  35. Prepare for fame and Fortune TBJ…

  36. CreativeGenius dude take a joke man, it’s a fucking awesome video so fucking hilarious and right now it’s true Bosh is epically failing compared to how Lebron and Dwyane are performing (Though none of the big three are playing like they’re worth 100+ million dollars).

  37. Get my nose broke,
    Sit some games out,
    Let my nose heal,
    Sit more games out

    Love it! As soon as it broke into song I was like “please reference sitting games out!”

    GREAT video, guys.

    Really, REALLY missing Skeets at BDL….

  38. Hi-freakin-larious.

  39. [...] in the half-empty Wells Fargo Center?5. Will the Raptors play like men tonight or will they play like a Bosh?Start time: 7:00 PM ET Channel: Sportsnet Probable starting lineups Toronto: Jarrett Jack, DeMar [...]

  40. I had to punch myself in the balls — repeatedly — in order to stop laughing at “Forgot to rebound/ Make a poster”. Well done fellas.

  41. CreativeGenius: you moron, I would have no problem calling him RuPaul to his face, I have never been a fan and he is hardly intimidating…I am not trying to be gangsta, I am a female you f*cktard.

    And no, moron, the Raptors are not better off as a lottery team in the 13-16 pick range which is what they are with Bosh as opposed to a high lottery pick team with a new management team & coach in place.

    I know it’s hard for cretins to understand, but permanent mediocrity, the kind that Bosh and Triano set as a ceiling is far more damaging to a team than re-building…and that losing culture was what Bosh guaranteed as a leader…he is a THIRD option…repeat, THIRD option, moron….that is the only shot he has at winning jack sh*t.

  42. Had Bosh stayed in Toronto he would have been a $125 million SECONDARY player leading the team to the lottery every goddamn year.

  43. lol, that was great.

  44. Trey Kerby was seriously behind that scream?

  45. I knew I was not the only person out there who thought Chris Bosh was OVERRATED!

  46. Ironic how on the same day this was posted, Bosh drops 35 against the Suns. Maybe all of the criticism has lit a fire under his ass.

  47. brilliant. simply brilliant.

  48. Brilliant. What more is there to say? Great work JD.

  49. Natural Selection… or maybe he played Hedo. I could drop 30 on Hedo. And I’d do it…

    Like a Bosh.

  50. Rap battle reply from Tas about Hedo?

    You know it’s a great idea.

  51. 35 points tonight against the Suns.

    Ha Ha!

  52. Good Work! Brought a smile to my face this morning.

  53. This is classic! I don’t care of Bosh dropped 35 last night. One off’s happen. True, Bosh’s game will adapt as the season progresses and he learns his role, but no way, no how he is going to have many games like last night as the 3rd option. In crunchtime he will be a spectator as well. He could never do it in his 7 years with the Raps, so why would LBJ and Bosh put the ball in CB4′s hands now?

  54. We in TO know he is week defensively, no leadership skils and no heart.

    Good luck with that!

    My new poster:

    from MVP to….. Cheerleader!

  55. Nice! He was an above average sized fish…in a puddle…now in a big sea he realizes he can’t swim.

  56. So Miami is paying Bosh $109 million to go off once every 10 games?

  57. All you guys can gobble genitals! He’s a good player, and now on a great team…. stop acting like scorned chicks..

  58. Hahaha best video ever!!! Your amazing skeets pure genious lol jokz psssssssssssst
    Black Mamba 3 Peat

  59. Seriously, guys comon, that video was hilarious, but he doesn’t suck.
    We’re doing much better without him right?
    Clowns no nothing about basketball, where has Bron Bron’s heart gotten him so far?
    And yes, Black Mamba 3 peat

  60. LOL and who the hell do you think we’re gonna get in the draft. What has happened to every top draft prospect in TO? They leave because management is useless, and you clowns buy everything they say. It was all Stoudamire’s, Mcgrady’s, Carter’s, Bosh’s fault right? They don’t deserve our respect. Can’t wait for the cycle to start all over again when we hit the lottery next year.

  61. Absolute genious work. The idea, the rapping, the acting… it’s all awesome. I love it!

  62. Yeah man – I suck!

  63. Everybody Hates Chris Bosh Part III (Bosh puts his foot in his mouth. He’s upset with his coach because Spo wants him to work and Bosh just wants to Chill)

  64. adding the bit is ironic since he did well against the suns.

    Bosh is too soft to do be their power forward. Miami needs a guy who is going to focus on rebounding, defence and scoring on putbacks and such, instead of trying to take over and only be concerned about offensive production.

  65. Why would they get two white people to a show about sport dominated by black people, it’s the equivalent of having two black guys doing a show about hockey

  66. Paul, did you have to pull the race card, really, ? Shit is funny as hell of the chain. Mad props to this video, but…

    Way too early in the season to make analysis of what he will be, lets talk at the all star break….Its all about the post season, I’m going w/ the Celtics to win it all.

  67. Look like RuPaul.

    LIKE A BOSH!!!

  68. Get swept by Boston.

    LIKE A BOSH!!!

  69. Never rebound.

    LIKE A BOSH!!!

  70. Time to chill.

    LIKE A BOSH!!!

  71. I’m a couple days late on this one…but…genius. Pure genius.

    Which more like a Paul than a Bosh.

    Is there a song for him, too? Maybe something from Trombone Shorty?

  72. Ahahah. Skeets. That made my Tuesday.

  73. bosh made a game winning shot in game 3 of the finals. suck it bitches

  74. Not really a game winner – he just hit a shot he was supposed to hit and dallas failed to hit their game winner. Its like praising him for hitting a free throw.

    For someone who is a third option and should be getting tons of open looks, bosh only hit 7 of 18 and has shot poorly in this series. Not to mention he only grabbed 3 rebounds.

  75. How could that have been NOT a game winner? It was the last shot made in the game you d!ck. By definition, that IS a game winning shot. Bottom line is: Miami won and Dallas lost (despite getting 70% of the refs calls going for them). Think it’s time for the Mavs to pack up and get ready for a fishing trip ..l..

  76. Like a bosh
    In the NBA finals like a bosh
    Lit up Chicago bulls like a bosh
    scored game winner in finals game 3 like a bosh.
    How does it feel to hang on someone balls for no reason
    Lol lmao lol
    Bush bout to get that ring like a BOSH LOL LOL

  77. Hit the game winner in a FINALS matchup – LIKE A BOSH!!!

  78. These harlem shake vids are crazy… An agency in my industry just made one and then it’s like everyone in the field followed. Have to get on the band wagon :)

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