No one’s ever accused Clyde Drexler or being hip. The guy’s looked like he was 48 years old since he entered the league in 1983 and continued aging ever since. Sure, he ran with Phi Slamma Jamma back in college, but that was probably the last time he was part of the vanguard of coolness.

Now that he’s actually 48, he’s sticking to the “I’m old” script, roping his broadcast partners in to a lengthy discussion on the comparative merits of Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher because he just realized their similarity even though people have been talking about that very thing since, literally, 2003. I mean, the comparison was in an Associated Press article, so it’s not like Clyde discovered some long-lost cure for polio. Well, actually, that’s exactly what it’s like since polio has already been cured.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty funny to hear these three talking about something everyone else discovered ages ago. It’s like when you go to your family’s Thanksgiving celebration this year and all of your relatives are going to want to talk about this funny rap video that makes fun of Chris Bosh.

(via Both Teams Played Hard)