Oh, c’mon, referees — let this one slide.

Maybe it’s not the best policy to wait and see if the play immediately following a very questionable travel call is a terrific highlight, but some leniency would be appreciated in these situations. Chauncey Billups is just doing that little hop-step he always does, only this time it’s 75 feet away from the basket.

Ease up, guys. Chauncey’s just trying to be awesome. Let the man enjoy his three-quarter court shots.

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  1. I dunno…here’s some way worse offenders..


    Lot’s o’ LBJ in that clip.

  2. After watching it a couple of times, I think I could make a case that it wasn’t actually a travel. It looked clumsy as hell, but Chauncey took an awkward step, then dribbled, took two more steps but never put his left foot back down to complete the third step.

  3. How can this be a travel? He only took 2 steps after the dribble. Get it together and call actual traveling NBA officials.

  4. He took a step before dribbling.

  5. [...] highlight-worthy shots go, it’s been a tough week for Chauncey Billups. First, he had a 75-foot bomb waived off on an extremely dubious travel call. Then, last night, his would-be game-tying three bounced out [...]

  6. Holy shit, that’s no travel. What a shot. Shameful, refs!

  7. the part before the dribble might be called travelling. however, these are never called in the nba. the dribble and the hop was not.
    so much about the consistency and the competence of the nba refs.

  8. ok, there was absolutely no travel, not even before the dribble. bad call.

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