Cleveland Cavaliers 101, Philadelphia 76ers 93
Every once in a while, Daniel Gibson has a good game — last night he had 18 points, 8 assists, 2 steals, 3 threes and no turnovers — and you remember just how odd it is that a grown man willingly goes by the name “Boobie.”

Atlanta Hawks 102, Indiana Pacers 92
All five of the Hawks’ starters were in double figures with Josh Smith’s 25 leading the way. That sounds impressive until you notice that Solomon Jones also had double-digit points and realize that 10 is a pretty arbitrary number to celebrate.

Washington Wizards 109, Toronto Raptors 94
In Gilbert Arenas’ first start since Jan. 5, he had 20 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists while shooting 50 percent from three. That probably won’t make things awkward when John Wall returns from his foot injury.

Portland Trail Blazers 100, Memphis Grizzlies 99
People that are very happy for Wesley Matthews’ career high (30) scoring outburst last night: the Trail Blazers, Trail Blazers fans, Wesley Matthews, Wes Matthews, soccer moms, Tas Melas, lots of bloggers, Erik Estrada.

Los Angeles Lakers 118, Milwaukee Bucks 107
Andrew Bogut missed eight free throws last night, partially due to falling on his bad elbow. The Lakers, as a team, missed five. Clearly, eight points does not make up an 11-point deficit, but it surely wouldn’t hurt. Unlike that elbow.

Chicago Bulls 95, Houston Rockets 92
On one hand, the Bulls won, so I am happy. On the other hand, Brad Miller had 21 points and made a three, so I am happy. On the third hand, Derrick Rose scored 33 points and made four threes, so I am happy and but also kind of worried about this mutation that causes extra hands.

Denver Nuggets 120, New York Knicks 118
The Nuggets really tried to give Amar’e Stoudemire a birthday present last night, seeing their 12-point lead whittled down to nothing with a minute remaining. But then they remembered that one time he had 41 and 14 against then while playing for the Suns and took it back because he’s a big meanie.