On today’s show, Skeets and Tas ponder the latest news from around the league. How does Greg Oden’s latest injury affect the Blazers? Is chill Chris Bosh finally “back,” or were his numbers inflated against the Suns’ weak defense? And are Wade and LeBron any closer to clicking? All that, plus Zach Randolph wants to get paid, the Spurs are white hot and Skeets and Tas get confused by anatomy.

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Comments (20)

  1. Is it tinted glass or always dark in toronto?

  2. We shot this bad boy pretty freakin’ early this morning.

  3. The Grizz obviously don’t mind over paying people, so I see them paying Randolph. Him getting Boozer money seems outrageous, but as skeets said, who’s able to fill in for him. Also, they have that affliction of not being a big name in the lottery.

  4. the metro revealed skeet’s real name!! ahh! on the bright side though, you guys made a national paper

  5. with regards to a potential BBall Picks tie..can’t you use the built-in tie-breaker with the points for each team?

    haha, I learned Skeets’ real name too..a guy I work with in Halifax went to High School with him!

    Also, they’ll keep Randolph…they don’t have any other choice!

  6. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that Wesley Matthews is not a go-to player in Portland. Since Roy has been sidelined he has put up very respectable numbers. Granted, Roy has not been out for long, but Matthews did put up 30 his last game which he started in Roy’s place. He will start again tonight, in all probability, with Roy sitting again. Is Matthews the go-to guy the Blazers need? No, but he is quite capable of contributing to this team when its leading scorer is down.

    I know I should feel more bad about Greg Oden’s injury plague striking yet again but I just do not feel that bad. At this point it has become a broken record. The Blazers brought in Camby, and then kept him around, because of Oden’s penchant for injury. They did not extend him for the same reason. I suppose I am being somewhat callous but Rich Cho needs to look at Oden from a business perspective and rid himself of a toxic asset. No one can predict what Oden’s future may hold but his present sees him in street clothes for the remainder of the season.

    I do think Memphis should extend Randolph but not for the money he is asking. It seems that Z-Bo has taken a page from the Jamal Crawford extension playbook in asking for more than even he knows he will be worth when the contract is in its final years. You can’t blame him for it. Why not get paid a good amount even when your production and minutes are waning dramatically. The thing is that he will have to convince the Grizzlies to pay him after they shelled out tons (seriously, it seems like they found an old Spanish galleon loaded with doubloons) to Gay and Conley. Should they wait for the CBA? Probably. But like you said, they do not have much depth and Randolph and Gasol are a good tandem. I think they extend him this season just not for as much as he may want…maybe 4 years for $45-50 million (a disgusting amount no matter how you cut it). My counterpart at the Beef wrote about Z-Bo and his money the other day http://wp.me/pQpx9-nN

    I’d say something about Bosh and the Heat but I don’t really care about the numbers he put up. If he were to start doing that nightly it would be worth talking about. Until then he is just the third banana or should I say chilled banana or possibly frozen banana from the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand.

    Lastly, what’s going to happen when you get to episode 666? It’s coming up this season.

  7. “Chill Stapler” would be the greatest nickname ever. And I mean EVER.

  8. Episode 500, the live one, revealed Skeets real name to all. And Chill Stapler ranks up there with Durantula and Manuuuuuu the poo god for great nicknames.

  9. I think prior to the 2007 draft, people were already talking about how Greg Oden has legs of differing lengths, which will result in some chronic knee and ankle issues.

    Still pretty sad though.

  10. No shout out for Grant Hill in the high hopes but injury prone turned decent and now lengthy pro career? I hope I didn’t just jinks you G-Hill.
    I feel terrible for Oden and the Blazers, but he’s still younger than me and will hopefully get back to the court for a Hill like re-introduction.

    Oh, and he’ll still never work a real job throughout the entirety of his life… so…

  11. This was the worst “breaking” news involving Oden’s legs. Seeing Roy play like he has for the first part of the season and getting his news likely crushed most Blazer fan’s hearts. It meant the team is stuck in the middle ground again. However, I think most were hoping for Oden getting on the floor and seeing if he could help with the playoff push.

    No way the Blazers trade him. Dumb idea. They won’t get much in return for damaged goods and he’ll be a restricted free agent.

  12. Yeah, so my bad on the restricted free agent thing. That is likely a no-no.

  13. I didn’t read any of the comments, apologize if this was mentioned already: ‘Like A Bosh’ got a mention on Around the Horn by Mr. Reali. This shit is viral, and awesome. Maybe EJ, Kenny and Charles will talk about it tonight on Inside the NBA.

  14. Grizzlies are screwed(sorry Memphis, it’s not personal). Even if they somehow can resign all of their guys, unless their players improve tremendously, they are still trapped in those 7th, 8th, 9th spots in the west. If the only goal of the franchise is a championship then they need to get rid of Rudy somehow, and start over through the lottery looking for that true star player to compliment guys like Gasol and Mayo.


  16. I can’t decide if I overvalue Randolph or if you guys underalue Randolph. He does some really great things for them. I feel like I’d rather have him than Boozer (I know most won’t agree with me). I think he has better hands, and Boozer becomes a non-factor against bigger guys. Maybe I’ve just been listening to those Memphis broadcasters on the league pass too much. They talk about him like he’s Hakeem the Dream.

    I don’t know why Memphis put themselves in this position. To me, Gasol, Randolph, and Mayo would be the core guys I’d want to be putting pieces around.

  17. I hate to agree with anything Tas says but hes right; Bosh is no Gasol.

  18. Worse #1 draft pick: Greg Oden or Andrea Bargnani?

  19. Trade rights for Oden & Patty Mills to Phoenix for Dragic, Hedo or some picks…actually no I think that would be worse for everyone.
    Forget I said anything.
    But Portland at times seems like where basketball goes to die at times with their slow brand of basketball.

    As for Z-Bo, besides having a stupid nickname which you guys explored before, he’s overvalued, undersized.
    Marc Gasol makes him seem so much better than he actually is with all the little things he does (and gets little credit for) which Z-Bo doesn’t, but at least he’s not as bad as when he was in NY.

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