When you’re as good at basketball as Manu Ginobili is, sometimes you’ve got to do things to really challenge yourself. Like, for instance, almost letting the opposing team strip the ball while you’re wrapping it behind your back on the way for a game-sealing dunk. Little things like that really keep things interesting.

Just a suggestion, but maybe next time he should close his eyes because even that looked too easy.

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  1. Ginobili has got the same white spot on his head as Rasheed Wallace. Weird.

  2. Trey, you got this all wrong – he didn’t just wrap it around. He thought about it for a while, comitted to wrapping it, then decided against it since there was a Bulls’ player on his opposite side and brought it back to his left for the take off and dunk. So hi eventually semi-wraped it I guess…?!

  3. Really only one thing needs to be said.


  4. @Stefan

    Which is probably more awesome than if he actually wrapped. Dude can overcome adversity!

  5. Did he actually take three steps? :)

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