Indiana Pacers 107, Los Angeles Clippers 80
I think it’s safe to christen the Clippers the worst team in the league this year. They’re 1-12 and have lost their last eight games. They’re the third worst offensive team in the league and the fourth worst defensively. Basically, they’re the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA.

Orlando Magic 105, Phoenix Suns 89
A 16-point victory doesn’t seem that bad at first glance. However, when you notice that Malik Allen scored points for the first time since March 29 of this year, you realize that this was actually quite the whooping.

Portland Trail Blazers 86, Denver Nuggets 83
As far as incredible, highlight-worthy shots go, it’s been a tough week for Chauncey Billups. First, he had a 75-foot bomb waived off on an extremely dubious travel call. Then, last night, his would-be game-tying three bounced out after touching every conceivable part of the rim. For a follow-up this weekend, he’s going to dunk over Yao Ming and have it called for a charge.