More than a month ago, adidas unveiled their new basketball ads featuring a typically hyperbolic Ken Jeong freaking out about Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose being fast, among other things. Now those very same ads are played roughly 5,000 times in an average NBA broadcast and they’re more than a little stale. Clearly, a remix is in order.

Enter the Auto-Tune the News guys, who are the Internet’s No. 1 source for repurposed soundbites. Thankfully, they’ve turned their magic towards these adidas spots, reinvigorating the already-tired commercials. Not to be too music critic about things, but I prefer the remix, Diddy-style.

You know what they say: “One good meme deserves another.” It’s not a particularly storied saying, but you can definitely go run and tell that, homeboy. Well played, Gregory Brothers.

(via Chris Littmann)