Toronto Raptors 102, Boston Celtics 101
If you’re ever wondering how important Rajon Rondo is to the Boston Celtics, just remember that one time Boston lost to the Raptors on two free throws by Amir Johnson. It’s not that the Raptors and Amir Johnson aren’t good, it’s just that they are the Raptors and Amir Johnson. You get the drift.

New Orleans Hornets 75, Sacramento Kings 71
I assume this is just a third quarter score and that the Hornets and Kings plan on playing the rest of their game sometime today. I mean, 146 combined points is pretty bad, so they must have postponed the fourth due to an ostrich attack or something like that. There’s really no other explanation.

Detroit Pistons 115, Washington Wizards 110 OT
The Wizards are now 1-3 when JaVale McGee grabs 10 or more rebounds and 3-5 when he doesn’t. Obviously he needs to stop rebounding because it’s clearly not helping. More mistimed jumps, please.

Los Angeles Lakers 117, Golden State Warriors 89
Pau Gasol had an OK game, I guess. In 30 minutes, he scored 28 points and didn’t miss a single shot (10-10 from the field, 8-8 on free throws) while also grabbing nine boards and blocking four shots. Only five assists though, because he’s such a slacker.

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  1. No doubt they are different without Rondo, but it wasn’t just that. Nate filled in well, and gave them plenty. The problem is that these assholes decided that they’d take the weekend off since they were playing a durantless thunder and the raptors. They decided maybe they’d play well for the first 8 minutes of each game, and then coast, and then turn it on again in the last five minutes. Ridiculous. They just let the Raptors start taking it to them in the late first quarter.

    This strategy worked last year, but they didn’t start it until after the new year. Seems a little early to be starting it now.

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