At first glance, the friendship between Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley might seem like a strange one. Durant’s one of the NBA’s poster boys, a dominant scorer who’s known for working hard and being a normal dude. Beasley, also a former No. 2 pick, was traded for cap space after just two seasons on the Heat. Not to mention that rehab incident, his probable involvement in the pot-smoking hullabaloo at the 2008 rookie orientation and his crazy hair. Outside of Mike Miller and LeBron James’ strange bond, this could be the most eyebrow-raising relationship in the NBA.

Except, of course, they’ve been playing basketball together for years. And, as The Oklahoman found out, their team was OK.

The Thunder’s Kevin Durant and [Michael] Beasley were teammates from ages 9-13 in Maryland playing youth ball for the PG Jaguars, who won multiple AAU national titles. [...]

Beasley played center and said he was about an inch taller than Durant at the time.

“I’d get about 30 rebounds a game and he’d get 30-plus points,” Beasley said of Durant. “He always worked on his game, on his handle.”

Asked if Durant shot from long range at age 9, Beasley smiled said: “This (the NBA) ain’t nothing. He’s been doing this since Day One.”

Yeah, that might have been a good team. Just two of the most talented players to come out of high school in the past two decades running together as kiddies. I’m sure those kids whose moms just wanted them to get a little exercise loved playing the PG Jaguars. Fun times, no doubt.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no footage of these games anywhere online. I know, I’m shocked, too. But, I’d imagine, someone somewhere has those tapes and I think we can all agree that watching footage of a preteen Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley destroying other children would be pretty incredible.

Get on it, Internet.