Ep. 614: Rock Bottom

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas wonder if the Heat have hit rock bottom. Is it time for Coach Erik Spoelstra to spend more time with his family? Can LeBron and Wade work the pick-and-roll? Will Chris Bosh figure out how to move his feet? All that, plus the best games from around the league, including the entertaining Magic-Spurs game, a much needed win for Blake Griffin and the worst Bill Walton impression you will ever hear.

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Comments (23)

  1. As a Magic fan, the only thing missing from the Spurs game was the result. Really good basketball from both teams. Would love to meet them in the Finals…

  2. Bill Walton impersonation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jArUB6mB6hs

    Anyone see the Parks and Recreation episode with Detlef Schrempf? It was pretty good.

  3. I see the Pacers like this year’s Bucks: both have underrated big-man and the Pacers are making that jump to the Hawks/Bucks level in the East in the way that the Bucks pulled away from the 6-8 seeds last year.
    Assuming you see the Pacers making this jump also, I’d be interested in thoughts on which of these teams look most dangerous at this point (Hawks, Bucks, Pacers) aka which team would you most/least want to see in the playoffs? Are the Hawks still way above or does lacking a true big man hurt them?

  4. i heard every time the heat lose an angel gets its wings

  5. Would Stern ever let this happen:


    It should be “keep lebron and bosh out”….for some reason i’ve never had any issue with wade in all of this. He just didn’t seem so enamored with the attention.

  6. Are we still debating whether this Heat team can win 70 games?


  7. Skeets, a PG you forgot is Brandon Jennings. I might include include him with Westbrook, Rondo and young guns like that, at least in terms of athleticism.

  8. The heat need to go get Delonte West. Oh wait a minute, that wouldn’t work :S. Okay, a Delonte West twin with no history of Mama Lovin.
    Amare or Boozer would a been a lot better fit than Bosh. I hate Bosh. How could somebody like him? I guess if you like guys who over celebrate by screaming and flexing?!?
    I think the injuries for the Heat are good for them. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Plus, they get more time to gel with the bottom players. In playoffs, deep bench chemistry is key for match ups.

  9. Also forgot to mention how badass the 3 point shootout at the end of the Spurs-Magic Game.

  10. Chris Paul is definitely the best PG in the league right now; he’s the top tier. I think Parker is in that large next tier that includes Rondo, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, and Derrick Rose. Westbrook still doesn’t have the smarts or execute as well as Parker, in my view. Parker might put up smaller numbers (though I’m not sure about that this year), but that’s because of his role in the Spurs system. Speaking of which, he deserves props for coming off the bench last season without any complaints. The guy is a playoff-tested winner with ice in his veins, and a team-oriented, fundamentally sound player. I’m going to start calling him “the Little Fundamental”.

    I liked the Spurs execution quite a bit better in that game. The Magic relied more on talent and athleticism, e.g., difficult pull-up jumpers by Jameer and JJ, offensive boards by Dwight. The Spurs missed a number of lay-ups.

    I wouldn’t second-guess Popovich regarding Splitter, but it does make me worry that Splitter isn’t doing what the Spurs need him to do. I’m a big McDyess fan, thought he was superb in the Dallas series last year, but if they want to go deep in the playoffs, the Spurs need a taller help defender to protect the rim, and McDyess is just ok at that.

    Which brings me to Bonner… he played great last night. Obviously he shot the ball very well. I also thought he rebounded decently and with hussle (wrestling the ball away from a couple of guys). His defense wasn’t even that bad. He managed Brandon Bass and Rashard Lewis 1-on-1. The problem is, he is a regular season player. He has never defended or rebounded with the intensity required in the playoffs, and his 3FG% always falls. I don’t mind him getting a few minutes to play a specific role, but the Spurs cannot rely on him. Every year, his production has plummeted in the playoffs. That’s why Splitter is so important and why I want to see Splitter get acclimated to the NBA.

  11. You guys are right about this being a time for exciting point guards. It is truly a pleasure to watch such young energetic and talented players leading and carrying teams. I think that for any team that wants to compete fast, then they need to make that type of pickup in the draft. The perfect examples of teams improving greatly with the pickup of a good point guard are chicago with rose, Milwaukee with jennings and new orleans with paul.

    That is what I am hoping will happen this year in the draft for the raptors.

  12. Next time I need to hear Tas’s Marv Albert impression!!!

  13. I really wouldn’t like to be nicknamed “Red Rocket”:

  14. And there’s a reason the Clips’ announcers give credit to other teams: they fear if they don’t, their fanbase is gonna realise how terrible they are!

    They already know it ‘tho, so it must just be watching good basketball for a change…

    Man, the Clippers are STILL the butt of all NBA jokes!

  15. I think that a lot of announcers for bad teams are just more tempered and a tad less biased, thanks to the terribleness of their own team.

  16. I don’t know man….Tommy Heinsohn was pretty biased even during some pretty dark seasons. Love that man though. And, he’s way more knowledgeable and insightful than people give him credit for (I understand why people don’t give him credit for it…there’s a pretty thick cloud of whiskey soaked bias there…..or bloody mary soaked bias).

  17. What is the intro song, it is mighty catchy. ROFL Chris Bosh. Jameer, meh

    e-mail: sgdfinc@yahoo.com

  18. GeeBhyrd “Amare or Boozer would a been a lot better fit than Bosh. I hate Bosh. How could somebody like him? I guess if you like guys who over celebrate by screaming and flexing?!?”

    Obviously you’ve never seen Boozer play. http://media3.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/photo/2007/05/26/PH2007052601544.jpg

  19. You guys realize Blair has been really struggling this season, especially with his lack of height. Hill has been in the same boat.

  20. That wasn’t a Bill Walton, that was sort of a Stewie Griffin without the British accent.

  21. They haven’t hit rock bottom yet. They can go lower.

  22. @Chris – Blair’s numbers might not be there, but it must be tough moving in to the starter’s role, and to me, he’s looked more confident. Looks like he belongs in that starter’s spot.

    @Emma – I think you’re pretty spot on.

    @Andy – I really just meant it’s rock bottom for the Heat so far. Many are picking Orlando to beat them tonight.

  23. Two things: 1) Frank Caliendo is great. 2) I’m also curious about the intro song!

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